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Feel like you're stuck? Like that one piece you need to finish a puzzle, but cannot find? Let's Connect, focus on you, and snap those pieces into place.
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I have had these abilities my entire life, I have been there... Running at full speed from my shadows only to hit a wall and feel like there's no way out...
You are not alone. I have been there. I have been through things nightmares are made of and have persevered.

Broken family, fighting to keep my brother and myself safe, abusive teen years and then when I thought it was safe to come out into the sunlight, I woke up with two little girls in an abusive marriage. I never stopped fighting, I never stood down and I never stopped helping others fight their battles.

For over 25 years I have listened to that "whisper", that voice that has kept me going.

Over time and with much training, self discipline and practice, I have learned how to get to the root of the issues, plant my feet, stand my ground and face my fears. Was it easy? No. Was it scary? Sometimes, yes.

My method is unique, but effective. I use a variety of Divination Tools; Tarot, Lenormand, Pendulums, but most importantly, my Intuition. Through divination, I am able to pinpoint the things in your life either holding you back, standing in your way or needing some extra attention. Whether that be in love, work or a part of your past.

Opening that closet and facing our skeletons is scary, but I've done it my entire life. Let me hold your hand and walk with you through yours. I am here for you, expect 100% honesty and clarity.
Approach to Topics
Energetically connecting with you will allow me to use my unique psychic abilities - tried and true methods, to dig deep into what's really holding you back. Using a variety of Divination Tools; Tarot, Lenormand, Pendulums, Oracle Decks, but most importantly, my Intuition; we will be able to pull out the areas in your life that need focus and clarity. Love, money, stability, family; there is no limit.

I have learned, through years of experience, the parts that need to be brought into focus, will be revealed. Have no doubt, when the Universe has a message for you, it will be revealed through our energy connection.
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