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Mari Bernadette
Mari Bernadette
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As a child I saw spirits, heard voices, had visions of past and future events and had a knack for finding objects that were buried or lost. My mother gave me my first deck of tarot cards and encouraged me to practice with them to enhance my natural gifts. Over the years I have continued to develop my abilities and I am happy to be able to use my talents to help you.

A note on feedback: Please take notes. if you want a 2 minute reading you will not get details. If the POI has not decided an action I can not give you a definitive yes or no. What you get is a range of time it could happen.
Approach to Topics
I have been blessed with these gifts:
Clairaudient (interprets your voice vibrations to foretell future events),
Claircognizant (knowing information that comes "out of the blue"),
Clairsentient (knowing or feeling information about objects),
Clairvoyant (seeing visions of future events),
Empath (physically feeling your emotional energy).

I have over 40 years experience giving readings and to channel my gifts I currently use either tarot cards, oracle cards, German fortune telling cards, a pendulum, or a crystal ball.

I am also a firm believer in omens and signs whether they appear in your dreams or while you are awake. Colors, numbers, animals or birds, repetitious sightings have meaning and I can interpret them for you.

I am open, honest and non-judgmental.

I am eager to provide you with a vision of the possibilities that are open to you in your present and future life. You will receive a kind of reading that is my own, developed through years of professional study and experience. Throughout, I will apply my natural gifts in order to deliver valuable spiritual guidance on how best to look at what is on your mind, clear away doubt, and be successful.

Get the most out of your reading by taking a moment before you call to center yourself and focus on the specific questions you would like to have answered.

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible for decisions made in regard to my readings, we all have free will and your decisions are solely your responsibility. My gifts are a tool for insight and should not be the only factor used in making a decision.

I accept only 5 star repeat callers.
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