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Medium Genevieve
Medium Genevieve
Answers Now. I Know in Seconds.
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Master Tarot Reader. Clairvoyant. Exact and Specific Information. Timelines Given. Accurate! Specific and detailed. 99% Accuracy, Fast, Direct and Detailed.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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99 Percent Accuracy speaks for itself. Love and Relationships Accurate Dates Times - My Predictions And Premonitions Pass and do unfold. Remarkable Details.
Knowledge is POWER.
99.99 accuracy in future predictions!
Medium and Energy Intuit * Helps with Manifestations *
Unique and Powerful Readings ~ Know the Truth into Any Matter .
Clairvoyant Profiler.
Rapid Response on Target to Questions like : Does He love me? Will He be Back? Will this relationship evolve? What is he thinking? Is he my Twin/Soul Mate? Do you see us getting married, kids? Is he cheating? I remote view, and profile as I read. This is a gift I take very seriously and each case is individual and precious to me. Please read further to understand more about me and God Bless.

I have been Featured on RADIO SHOWS in the UK and AU.
AU Psychic Magazines- Featured in INNER SELF, SPHERES.

Namaste. I am here as YOUR profile advocate to read , profile, and explain to you about the individual(s) you present to me in our readings together. I have had this gift since a small child around the age of 10. It has been recognized by priests, healers , and the thousands I have read for that attest the
validity of this gift. This chose me , I did not choose it. From the moment you reach out to me within seconds I will have a visual of you and what is going on within your life. I ask my clients to approach this with an understanding that whatever I see will be told to you, so whatever you are in question of please be prepared no matter the answer for a direct response. I listen to you and pull from what is shown to me through remote visualizations, empathic intuition and other psychic and audible happenings. I do remote view and in readings can target. I have the gift of Clairvoyance which builds me a profile thus relaying the information to you.
Let me help you Seek out the Truth. I am non judgmental and welcome anyone to take advantage of what I have to offer when I am online. I have been on Keen for 3 years now and plan to be for many more to come. As a psychic profiler this is especially effective for reading on intent , therefore Relationships are my forte. I know in Seconds about your partners intent, feelings, thoughts , direction, and outcomes. I can access this information and help you understand and mange what I see for proven results. This is why my client base achieves the results they want.

Approach to Topics
Direct , Fast , and Insightful.
Mediumship, Empath , Remote Viewing
Psychic Profiling, Clairvoyance
Lost objects
Names , dates , time frames , descriptions, remote viewing, detailed and accurate.

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