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Moonlight Mystic Luna
Moonlight Mystic Luna
Intuitive Tarot readings with honesty and empathy.
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I use Tarot cards, Runes, and/or a pendulum to foresee your path, and use the knowledge gained from this divination to help you overcome any obstacles or negative energy between you and your ideal path. CHAT only, please!
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I've always been an empath; when I am around a lot of strong emotions, I often begin to feel drained due to my sensitivity. I've always had unusual perceptions, but for a long time my circumstances did not allow me to explore them properly.

Eventually, I discovered Tarot, and realized it provided a path for my intuition to come through with clear direction. I also learned to read Elder Futhark runes later on. I have studied under a Rune Master and a Master Tarotist (and hope to learn more from them in the future!), who are both very skilled in their craft. Through these tools, the Runes and the Tarot, I finally found a concrete outlet for the messages I was receiving.

I began doing readings for others, rather casually, when I was in my first year of college. The Tarot spoke to me, and I was in awe of how much I could see for my clients; still, I learn more every day, as all readers tend to. Most of the time, I've been told I'm dead-on, which of course is very nice to hear. I've been able to help the people who come to me find answers to questions about life and love, and that was how I decided reading was important to me. Mostly, my online readings have been in text format, going into great detail; I strongly prefer text to phone/video readings, primarily for information organization purposes. Chat only, please!

Also! I could only choose five specialties, but I am completely LGBTQ+ friendly and sympathetic to women's issues! Several of the other categories I felt were encompassed by the Love/Relationships category. I am also open to discussing mental illness and will not judge you if you need someone to confide in. While no reader is a substitute for a medical professional, I am absolutely willing to lend an ear and a shoulder as a fellow human and share some coping skills that may help you.
Approach to Topics
I am an empathic Tarot and Rune reader with a genuine desire to help people find the answers they seek. I use my intuitive gifts to read the cards accurately and provide honest-but-tactful insight. I prefer chat-based communication, as I believe it allows me to articulate things more clearly due to the fact that I often receive a lot of information at once. It also makes it easier for you, the client, to process everything I have to say.

My readings often go into a lot of detail (I type fast!), and I will be honest with you even if I see something unfavorable on the horizon. Please don't worry, though! I believe that while divination shows the path you're currently on, ultimately we all have free will which can affect our fates. While some things may be completely out of our hands in the end, a great deal of our lives is shaped by our own choices, often without us realizing it. New information gained through a reading can help provide perspective to spur these changes of events. While Tarot often "tells" the future, I have found that even more often it empowers you to CREATE your future. I believe that a good reader must always be truthful about what they see in order to help you overcome the obstacles life throws your way. Even in the darkest times, there is always hope!

The deck that sparks my intuition best is the Tarot Illuminati, a Rider-Waite-Smith-inspired deck which, as the name suggests, uses imagery with an emphasis on light. My favorite set of runestones are handcrafted from lepidolite. A lot of positive intention went into their creation, and due to my history, I have an especially strong bond with the crystal.

Please chat with me (not call) if you'd like my assistance! I look forward to speaking with you.
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