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FORMER HOST OF KEEN RADIO and TOP RATED ADVISOR focusing on emotions, agenda, outcome, thoughts and obstacles. Remove doubt now, and find out where you are headed, what surrounds you, and what power you do have.
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A natural born Empathic Intuitive. Certified Tarot. Certified LIfe Coach and Spiritual Counselor, with an MA in Psychology. My goal was work in the area of forensic psychology and criminal profiling as I am clairaudient and clairsentient. I have been working professionally as a life coach and spiritual advisor for 20 years and my goal is to bring as much information to you as you need in order to manifest what you desire, or build the life you wish for. My only goal is to sincerely assist you on your chosen path with no judgments.
Approach to Topics
There is nothing worse than confusion and feeling you have no control over your own life and/or situation. Getting advice helps, but getting advice which is true, and puts you in the driver's seat of your own life and relationship is key! Predictions are fine, but if you cannot navigate through the situation and know how the other person is feeling, or what they are thinking, means you are only seeing one side of the situation. You can get the upper hand, and have more control when you are armed with information. Everything begins and ends with emotion and thought. I am that fly on the wall. I can dig in deep and tell you exactly what they are thinking about you and the situation. I can tell you how they will respond and what actions they will take. I can also tell you WHY they do what they do, and how to handle it so you can get what you want, without playing games that could, later, blow up in your face. Playing games is never advised, and with the right information you can be TRUE to who you are and not have to be what THEY WANT but, rather, be who you truly are and get what you truly need. And, if there is no way to get, or the path you are taking is a losing one, I will be very blunt and direct and tell you that, as well. My job is to watch your back so you do not get hurt, waste time, or make mistakes. I take your life and your questions VERY SERIOUSLY.

As an empathic and intuitive I hone in directly on the emotions, actions, agenda, core personality and thought process of the person in question. I can give you clear insight into what to expect and prepare you for what is to come and how to handle the situation to your advantage. I am very quick at getting to the heart of the matter with clear and direct insight. I won't mince words, or waste your time when seeking to find out about another person's motives.

My forte is love and relationships, and difficult relationships with partners who are moving slow and/or non-committal. If this will be a constant struggle or a matter of manipulation I can sniff it out immediately and give you the tools to move this in a different direction. I assist my clients in gaining more control over a situation so they will not be used, taken advantage of, under appreciated, and/or manipulated any longer. I assist with communication issues as I am able to tap into how the other person communicates and how to approach certain situations. I outline and detail all emotions, actions, thoughts, obstacles/pitfalls, and anything else surrounding this situation. Including if other people are involved.

You should leave a reading feeling more in control, and empowered. Panic and fear will be cleared away and you will know exactly how to proceed in any situation as to change negative circumstances into positive. 5-7 minutes is the usual amount of time needed to get the best reading possible as I get right into the reading.

I'm always available on chat. If you would like a telephone reading, simply get in the queue line or book an appointment, as I am notified immediately someone is waiting and I will call you back as soon as I receive the message. Email readings are also available. Contact me for fee's, specials and details.
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