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Mystic Micheline
Mystic Micheline
30 Years of Accurate and Honest Psychic Readings
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Accurate and Honest My Spiritual Guides help me to offer you the answers to your questions for a better understanding of what today and the days ahead will bring you in your love life, career, or family.
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30 years of Honest and Accurate Readings. I have read nationally and internationally. I started as a child with "feelings" and that there was always someone with me guiding me. I was an Empath at an early age and when I got older and picked up on others feelings quite easily, People would come to talk to me, "I was easy to talk too," they said "I always had the right answer."

I have professionally read with the Dionne Warwick Psychic Network that is no longer in business and read online and hosted AOL's Psychic Chat Rooms for many years.

I use the Tarot to help open the Psyche, it is my tool. It helps guide me to help you and answer your question, and sometimes not even your questions but things you need to hear to help you along your path.

I found a Tarot Reader from the wonderful woman who was reading for me, she introduced me to my first deck of Tarot cards 32 years ago, she said I would be reading one day for others, I laughed, but she was right, I mean I was going to HER for readings. She was always right about most things. I got involved in Metaphysics and so much more and grew my abilities and from there I got involved in teaching as well. I have had groups of learning and educating in Earth Centered Spirituality as well as the Tarot for over 40 years.

I also work with stones and crystals and follow the old ways. I make jewelry with them and other natural materials from the earth such as: seeds, clay, and glass beads etc.

Let me help you find truth and light in your life. And find the path you are to be on whether it be for a relationship, job position, or just solace and serenity. I am a Ordained Minister, Professional Tarot Reader, Psychic, Spirit Advisor, Empath, Numerologist.
Many Blessings and Light always lead your way.
Blessed Be, Namaste, Aho

Approach to Topics
I am a thoughtful and caring reader, I have been an Empath all my life. I feel others pain and hurt as well as when they are happy. I use the Tarot as a tool, I find it has always been a wonderful opener and can crack the door just enough to start the psyche from flooding open. I am also a Numerologist and will be glad to give you, your Life Path number if you request it. Which is the day of your birth number, it is a powerful indicator of your point of view and your stance in life. It is important to me for my customers to always feel comfortable with me.

I work with Spirit Guides who help me at times and allow me to help you the best way and who me the light and or pain around you. You allow me to enter your world so that I may see what is going on around you and help guide you in the best manner that would be best for you. You are the one in Control always. You are the one who will always make your own choices. I am only here to help Guide you.

You are giving me permission to see what you can not allow yourself to see at the moment. I am there for Spiritual Guidance, whether it be for love/relationship, employment issues, finances, or your life and path in general.

My guides have been with me most of my life and have always been good to me. They have guided me accurately and helped with me with my wonderful readers and customers over the years as well as my own life. I trust them implicitly.

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