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10 minutes for $1.99
I'm like a best friend who tells you like it is and can see the future! :-)
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Skills & Methods
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*No timing questions, please. No legal or health*

Note: You will hear the sound of my tarot cards being shuffled throughout our reading. Sometimes headsets amplify ambient noise and it might sound loud to you. I apologize, but it's not something I can fix, unfortunately.

Regarding recent 1 star feedback...she was mad because I said a guy she met yesterday wasn't her future husband. She admitted it to me. I'm not slow.

I have over 20 years of reading cards for myself and for others. I can quickly analyze the cards in whichever spread I choose to use in order to get a comprehensive, overall picture of the situation. I can also read emotions, intentions.

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is NOT an exact science. Each card has many interpretations and I use very complex spreads to come to my conclusions. Sometimes I may initially think a card means one thing only to realize that I should have chosen another. No one is perfect, I am not a god. If you are intolerant of this process and expect perfection, please choose another advisor.
Approach to Topics
I use only the tarot, but I'm also open to receiving messages directly from spirit during our reading as well. Sometimes tarot will point me in a direction and spirit adds detail. Sometimes everything I get is directly from the cards. I can't control it and after so many years doing this, I don't even try. Rest assured though, I am reading cards every step of the way.

I have a no nonsense approach to tackling the issues that are troubling you in your life. No coddling, no chance that I'll just tell you what you want to hear...even if you ask it 3 different ways :-) If you're looking for someone to tell you like it is, I'm the one you should choose.

Because most of my clients are budget conscious, I answer questions directly. If you ask a question that requires a yes/no answer, that's what you'll get. If you want more detail, that's fine, we can keep going! Please don't ask "What else?" I don't look for answers to questions I'm not asked.

I do ask clarifying questions. Why? Again, to save time. If you say you want a reading about your love life, I could spend a few minutes pulling cards to see if you're currently in a relationship, etc. but why do that when I can just ask you? Then I can read the relationship or look for a new one, but I've skipped a step. It's not because I'm unskilled or lazy. So please don't play "test the psychic" by holding back on details. I need a frame work to hang the cards on.

I don't do totally general readings, but I can do a more general reading if we narrow down to a topic or time frame. Usually when someone asks for a general reading, they really have a specific question in mind anyway and are just hoping it comes up...especially when it comes to relationships. 9 times out of 10, if someone asks for a general relationship reading, the very next question is about a specific person! I suggest just skipping to the actual question you want to ask :)

Please do not contact me if you have fewer than five minutes to talk. I cannot clarify questions and pull cards plus give the results of those spreads in less time than that without feeling rushed. Clients who call for less than 5 minutes at a time will be blocked. Rude or demanding clients will be blocked.

Finally, sorry if this profile comes off as negative. I've been doing this a long time and though I'm 100% committed to using my skills to help people, I can get weary of the negativity directed toward me and the unreasonable expectations. I'm sometimes held to an impossible standard and judged harshly for any perceived weakness. But I do this despite the toll it takes on me emotionally and spiritually and I believe I deserve respect for making that choice.

Thoroughly detailing what I will and won't do and how I do it helps to protect me somewhat from these issues. I appreciate your understanding! :-)
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  • Kind · 18
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