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Pentacle Pincher

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33 readings since 2020
5 minutes for $1
Clarity,insight,fast Guidance from the divine
I've predicted situations that have come up in less than a week. Quickly in tuned and you're on your way. Calling towards students, young adults, mothers, career insights, Romance Lets get talking no time wasted.
About Me
About Me
My father was highly spiritual and Growing up it freaked me out how much he knew without us telling or him having a clue. It became known to me as my gift at 7 years old my dreams would come to pass and I would know things before someone told me. It
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I'm your homegirl, your friend, sister, and confidant. I like to get to the point and will tell you the truth; good or bad. I'm empathetic however I will call out self-destructive behavior or avoidable actions.