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Psychic Yoga Guy
Psychic Yoga Guy
Heart-Felt Guidance to Bring Love/Joy to Your Life
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BACK ON KEEN 3/2023 HONEST/ ACCURATE / HEART-FELT. Combining Tarot with psychic intuition to help you improve love/money/work! Studied 20 yrs. with famous yoga master. Offering spiritual guidance to improve your life.
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BACK ON KEEN AS OF MARCH 2023. In my 20 years of study with a famous yoga master I honed my psychic and intuitive powers by learning to control and calm my mind. A calm mind allows for direct intuition, insights and clear awareness to come about. When my mind is focused on you and your questions, feelings and insights are revealed that assist me in helping you. In addition, I learned Tarot from my remarkably psychic aunt throughout my childhood. Today I strive to be a clear intuitive channel to help people live more loving and peaceful lives. When doing a reading with you I will answer your questions accurately and compassionately by tuning into the Tarot along with your heart and mind and those around you, to give you the best sense of what the future holds for you. However, remember that since we all have free will, the future is not written in stone. I would be honored to give you an understanding of how you can make clear and heartfelt choices so that your future can be even better than you ever thought possible!
Approach to Topics
I open my heart and tune-in to give you an accurate and honest reading that will help you understand your loved one's perspective, and give you answers to any challenges you have with love, work and money so you can have a better life and future. My readings are interactive. I start by taking time to connect with you often using tarot cards or runes in combination with my clairsentient and empathic abilities to give you clear insights. Then I work with you to refine my insights and help you co-create your future so you can improve your life. As I guide you in understanding what Spirit wants for you, and at times provide you with yoga techniques, you will learn what it takes to have healthy, lasting relationships and success in your life, giving you the love, joy and peace Spirit intends for you to have.
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