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Readings by AJ
Readings by AJ
Are You Really on the Right Path?
There is no problem so great that I cannot solve. With my help and advice, you can fulfill your dreams and find your destiny. I will use my natural born talents and energies to tap into yours with compassion.
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I have over 35 years of experience... I can remember back to being a child and being fascinated by the Tarot I would ask for cards when other children were asking for toys. I will use my natural born talents and energies to tap into yours with compassion. Since a young age, I was able to see things and feel things before they happened. Given my talents, I want to share them with you. If you allow me the pleasure to read for you I assure you I will tap into your energies and guide you. I can tell you which path is the best for you to follow. I am very honest in my readings and do not sugar coat. Things do not always turn out the way we hope or want but in the end, you will see why another road was chosen for you to travel. Let me work with your spirit guides to guide you to your path. I can help you achieve your goals. I can show you how to stop unwanted activities in your path. As a young child, I was able to recall things from the past even before my time. I still remember the baffled looks I would get from my family when I would say remember when... At times I would feel uneasy and would take a step back to meditate and allow spirit guides to guide me. My goal is to help others thrive. I specialize in love readings, I will fully engage with you picking up on your energies and the energies of the one you love. Allow me to give you the tools and guidance to live your life to the fullest. Stop thinking and get answers now!
Approach to Topics
I can tap into your energies simply with just names and dobs... I use the Tarot to tunnel your energy from you to me and back to you with the guidance you seek. Find out if you are on the right path. Sometimes things may look bad or may not be going your way and it just all maybe illusion to get you on the right path.
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