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Readings By Rakael
Readings By Rakael
Attract Job & Money - Get your 2023 outlook !
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Has life got you worried? Get a deep peak into problems and solutions surrounding your relationship, job and finances.
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Namaste ! My name is Rakael.

This Peacock is my spirit animal, guide and protector. On one of my many travels around the world, he spotted me out in the desert and led me towards the path of spirituality.

Through appearances in my dreams using symbols and messages, he encouraged me to explore the spiritual world. I began connecting with my intuition, gaining new awareness into the subconscious and eventually realized my gifts of seeing and hearing.

To develop my abilities and skills further, I trained with spiritual masters on the west coast. I picked up my first Tarot deck - Raider Waite (that I still use) studied it and began doing tarot card reading first for family and friends, soon after professionally. I have certifications in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy.

For over 20 years, I have conducted numerous (over 40k on Keen alone )intuitive sessions online. I have served people from all walks of life - business executives, lawyers, artists, students and even celebrity song writers and actors on various Relationship, Career and Finance related matters.

It is my absolute pleasure to provide you with valuable insights and assist you in navigating through life towards a happy and a prosperous future.

Approach to Topics
How will your Tarot Reading work?
Once you call, introduce yourself and give me your specific question, I will shuffle my 78 card Raider Waite deck. I will lay out 7 cards in what is called as a spread and use my psychic ability to answer your question. Typically, tarot cards readers use face value and position to interpret card meanings to come up with answers. I follow my intuition, visions and sense of hearing for interpretation.

What to expect from your best online tarot card reading?
- Expect truthful, accurate, honest and detailed answers of your past , present and future.

- Make informed decisions by arming yourself with critical information about situation related influences, possible pathways and best way to accomplish your goals.

- Though I do not believe our future is necessarily set in stone, I do believe from experience that Tarot cards can be used to predict short term future, less than 6 months.

Questions to ask a Tarot Reader?
- I prefer that all my clients ask both specific and open ended questions. Specific questions such on Relationships such as - How does my love feel about me? will allow me to tune in and provide you specific details. Open ended questions such as - How does my relationship look in the next 3 months? allows me to provide you guidance on your future path.

- While most are interested in reading others and events such as breakups, reunions, promotion etc., I suggest also posing questions that pertain to you. This is particularly helpful in seeing how you influence a particular situation and what can you do to improve the outlook.

What are Tarot Cards?
Extremely accurate tarot readings are possible using tarot card deck, a 78 card playing card deck from mid- fifteenth century. This divination tool can be used to answer life’s burning questions on love, career and money. The cards are divided into major and minor arcana.

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