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Taught by my Grandmother and using her powerful Tarot spread, I am able to give you the ANSWERS you seek. With over 40 years experience I am highly accurate. I specialize in Relationships, Career and Money. Very fast .
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I was taught a very special Tarot spread from my Korean grandmother, when she saw that I was very intuitive and clairvoyant at an early age. I also have a Scottish Father whose mother studied and practiced Divination. I have been reading cards online for the past 25 years, I am strongly intuitive and clairvoyant, I hear the answers in my head or messages my guides want you to hear. So not every reading will be the same. My grandmother taught me to trust in the cards, “they tell the story and give you the answers” and I have and always will adhere to that advice. I have a BA in Paralegal Science and a Masters in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture and herbology). I have studied Astrology and I am able to give you insight into relationship compatibility. I am a triple Air sign, with Libra in ascending and sun, and Moon in Aquarius. I also have Mercury in Scorpio which drives me to uncover secrets and hidden things. I am currently studying Tibetan Buddhist meditation under the guidance of a tibetan monk which has enhanced my accuracy in divination.
Approach to Topics

I connect through the sound of your voice so please don’t be so closed off or have chaotic energy when asking your question. Be calm and present within yourself so that I may connect with your energy, and do not come to the reading expecting a prediction because the subconscious mind picks up on those things. Please provide a question and the name of the person in question as I shuffle the cards. And please provide some background in to the question so I can interpret the cards with more accuracy. I will ask your question while opening my crown chakra to connect with my higher guides, so please focus on your question (and the person) while I shuffle to help make the connection. I will also ask questions to help with my interpretation of the cards. I will tell you what the cards say and also provide a timeframe for certain questions. If you would like a quick or in depth reading please let me know, I am very mindful of not wasting your time or money with to much talking but in-depth readings can take more time. Future readings can be different or can suggest the energies have gone in a different direction, nothing is permanent or set in stone. I do not take notes or base my readings on past readings. Every reading is manifested from the present energies in question, please remember that when asking the same questions in future readings. I am an honest reader and will only tell you what my guides and cards manifest. My clients have told me the majority of my predictions do come to pass and my timeframes are highly accurate. I give in house readings where I live but decided to offer phone readings many years ago and have been doing phone readings for over 25 years. Please give me a try!

(((In my defense of the feedback below. Some clients did not like their readings and mentioned that it was conflicting or that I didn't know the meaning of my cards. These clients came to the reading testing me, they did not want to elaborate on the information regarding the reading to help me clarify my interpretations or felt it was me cheating or not knowing what I'm doing. They felt I was fishing for information. Well, I do need some insight into what is going on to make the connection and give an accurate reading. When I connect with my clients I do ask questions because I am basically in the dark as to the dynamics of the reasons why the client is calling. I am not a psychic, I am a tarot reader and I am reading over the phone which is difficult and even more difficult with new callers I have never made a connection with. It is even more difficult when your in the middle of the reading and the caller starts to argue with everything you say and says " I knew you were going to ask questions"... I do ask questions because the cards can have different meanings based on what the situation is. Please read other feedback which talks about my honesty, my accuracy, my kindness. I care about my clients and I feel like I am here to help them to see things more clearly, but when the client comes in with an agenda, doubts or questions everything you say... the reading is disconnected and my connection is unfocused and defensive. Please keep this in mind when reading the feedback. )))
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 89
  • Helpful · 88
  • Kind · 88
  • Detailed · 86
  • Accurate · 70
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