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I love reading my clients. I don't always love the journey as I want the best for you. Some readers will blow sunshine up your a**, but I just cannot do that. I'll tell you what I see for better or worse. I want the best possible outcome for you always. When getting a reading from me, please keep this in mind.
NOTE: this does not mean I predict death. I do not.

When asking for a general reading, remember that spirit will tell you what it thinks you need to know and not necessarily what is front of mind or concerning you at the moment. Love topics may or may not come up during a general reading. It's okay to ask for a general reading about a topic.

I like to give the best possible reading that I possibly can. I work by telling the caller what I see and NOT what the caller wants to hear. Although, I'm pretty happy when the two are one in the same. The tips I offer here definitely help in getting the best possible reading from me and maybe, just maybe they might help you get a great reading with other readers.
1. Use your real name. If your name is Elizabeth but everyone calls you Buffy then tell me that your name is Buffy. It helps me to zero in on you.
2. Give me the real name of the person you're asking about for the same reason listed above.
3. I don't care about birth dates. Don't use them. I know other readers do. I can't seem to keep Astrology in my head. I'm reading YOU not your astrological sign.
4. Once you've broken up then he/she is no longer your boy/girlfriend. Put the ex in front. Being accurate about facts helps me to weed out the tricky things I'm seeing. 5. I don't need specific questions but vague questions are worthless. Example: "What's going to happen next?" with no context will get you no where. General questions are the best way to go. Example: "Will my house sell this month/year?"
6. Don't tell me too much. If I ask a question I'm just looking for a quick yes or no to validate what I'm getting.
7. Don't try to figure too much out during the call. The things you want to make sense during the call might not and that's okay. Most of the time the pieces you're looking for come after the call when you have the time to think. Take notes. Enjoy the reading!
8. Most of all. Not all readers are expected to connect with everyone every time. If the reader tells you that they are just not connecting please don't take it personally. It happens. Be glad because you know the reader is being honest with you. Try that reader another time.
9. One thing to keep in mind. Just by calling for a reading and expressing your wishes will not change your life. Only you can do that.
So, there are nine tips that I think will not only help with getting readings with me but with other readers as well. Hope it helps you to get the best bang out of your buck.

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