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Since I was a child, I have always been able to connect with my spirit guides. Now, over thirty years later, my spirit guides have not only connected with me but my intuitions and connection to the universe have expanded tenfold. I am able to accurately see into the lives of friends, family, and strangers. With the help of my trusted tarot cards and oracle decks, I am able to provide the answers you seek.
Approach to Topics
While I am an honest tarot reader, I am also compassionate and considerate. I will never tell you anything I don’t feel you can’t handle. If I see any issue or negative situations going on in your reading, I will pull more cards to give you guidance on how to turn your situation around.

Also, you don’t have to tell me too much about yourself. Just the minor details should be enough to connect you with the right answers. The cards will tell me everything. Also, the way I pull the cards for you today will not be the same if you get another reading from me tomorrow. I always pull the way my spirit guide instructs me.

Lastly, you will always receive straightforward answers to every question. And if my tarot cards are not enough, I will also pull from one of my various oracle decks.

****PLEASE NOTE: I only see up to 3 months into the future! ALSO, The future is always changing, so what I tell you today may not be the same as what you get tomorrow. The future is all dependent on you, what you believe, what you feel, and what you're willing to do to change the course of your story or not change.***

****I WANT TO EMPHASIZE, Predictions are just that, Predictions. While I love it when most of my predictions do come to pass for my clients, there are times when they won't. The difference between the clients who have their predictions come to pass versus those who don't, is their level of belief in the reading, themselves, and taking the advice the cards give. If you don't follow what is read to you to change or not change, depending on the situation, then the predictions will not come to pass.
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  • Kind · 67
  • Helpful · 66
  • Honest · 64
  • Detailed · 58
  • Accurate · 53
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