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Snowfire's unique Tarot interpretation using 600 cards for consultation via Client selection insures accuracy for events in the client's life, and you are going to get the best reading ever! ~Believe In Love~ Perhaps, Hidden
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Welcome to my Tarot page, I have a very unique way of reading these cards, which I find is most accurate to you the caller. I use 600 symbols all at the same time, and I let you choose which cards to select out of three stacks. I do not pull the cards for you, so we know the reading is not influenced by what I might pull for myself, instead, I will ask you to select your cards, neither of us know what was selected until at least 3 cards have been pulled, this way we know the reading is for you the caller. My cards consist of Crowley, Angels, Kabbalah, American Indian, Geomacy, Feng Shui, Egyptian, and Gypsy decks are all used all at the same time, so we are covered in everything. This is the oldest known picture of Lord Jesus, it was on a wall found in Antioch is dates back to 75 AD, Lord Jesus is very handsome indeed.
Approach to Topics
Keep in mind that, "It's only with the heart one can see clearly, what's essential is invisible to the eye" Antoine de Saint Exupery. "Snowfire is a top affordable Clairaudiant Psychic, with quick indebth answer's to your questions. Snowfire's sure fire accuracy will amaze you. The best need not be the highest priced, since Snowfire answers to the T!

Yes, everyone Lord Jesus is very real.

"1/18/2003 Grgygirl I had read with Snowfirel last year and dismissed much of what she had said because I wasn't ready to accept it. As it turns out, she is one of the very few that was absolutely accurate. I wish now that I would have given her more time on that call to help me understand what she was trying to say. She doesn't pull any punches...tells you exactly how it is. That IS what you are paying for...right? Don't make the mistake I made. Call her with an open mind and really listen to what she is trying to tell you.Thanks Snowfire!

Thou Art the Rose of Sharon, bloom in every heart, Thou Art the lily of the valley, make each life to be pure as, Thou Art pure, Thou Art the bright morning star, shine out Thy radiant Light, Thou Art ten thousand to our souls, breathe upon these people Thy precious Holy Spirit of love, manifest Thy Glory, light the darkness in every soul, to be worthy, grateful of the gift of Thy Holy Blood, bring them? Father into the fold. We ask this in the Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You." Lord Jesus
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