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In need of guidance? You have come to the right place. I am a third generation reader and utilized tarot cards to guide you. It's been a long time since I've been on keen and hope you will give me a try.
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My family always had the ability to read people. My grandma uses a regular deck of cards, her sister used tea leaves, and my grandpa feels your energy and receives information through that. Both of my grandparents are from Haiti where lots of things, not just readings occur. I got into tarot reading differently. Originally I was seeking answers for myself as to if I should or shouldn't get divorced. I never meant to read others or learn anything further. This journey began in 1998. Since knowing the brief history of readers in my family, I decided to study the cards to get my answers. Then of course I needed to test out my studies to see if I retained anything. It's such a weird process when you go from learning what each card signifies, to getting a different meaning from your spirit guides. Sometimes I feel whispers in my ear or see images or words appear in front of me. Other times I will feel your energy. So I'm not a psychic but i'm an empath. Back to my story, I started reading on a website and was shocked that some of the information I received about the caller was no where near on the cards! Needless to say this happens quite often and have since stopped feeling shocked! I tried reading myself but I always got two answers! My grandfather said to me years ago that my gift was given to help others and not myself. So ever since then I've stopped trying to read myself and allow the answers to come when needed, not when I want them.
Approach to Topics
I use tarot cards and my spirit guides to help you figure out your choices. It’s ultimately up to you to decide the outcome of your life. My promise to you is I’ll always say what I see no matter what. If you aren’t ready for the truth then look elsewhere. My gifts have always helped and guided many since 2008. The only information I will ever need from you is your first name and dob. Please be advised, I can only tell you what I see. Sometimes the cards will pick up your inner most thoughts. Other times they will show you a different path that had nothing to do with your question. It doesn't mean it's wrong, it means you are focusing on the wrong thing. I have always helped others to the best of my abilities nothing more nothing less. I do not sugarcoat readings so if you cannot take the truth please do not request a reading.

I also offer Tarot Reading by email $35.00 for three questions
*Every question (up to 3) asked gets a different hand shuffled.
*You are allowed one follow up question per question after the reading is given if you require it.

I will NOT provide readings or counseling for anyone under the age of 18. I will not read you more than necessary. You do not need a full reading often, every day, or every week. Any questions regarding specific health, mental, or legal problems will not be answered, please seek out professional advice for these matters. No PREGNANCY readings, predictions of DEATH or MEDICAL DIAGNOSES. I will not be held liable for any decisions you make based on my readings. Please remember, the truth is not always easy for some people to hear. So if you cannot take hearing the truth please do not ask me for a reading
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