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Always on point! I connect with the cards quickly to get you the answers you need. 14 years experience with Tarot and tarot reading for clients. Rating went down due to 1 year absence on keen. I'm here now to work for you!
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Tarot is my life. It a pictorial view of human psychology and a fascinating tool of insight into each person's unconscious thoughts. Each personality in the cards has place in every human journey. They teach us that there is a light side and a dark side to every situation we encounter. . You can't have one without the other. These are the lessons that we each must learn and understand. When we do, then we can navigate our way along our life's path and become our own guides. I have been studying the cards for years, and have been reading online, and for clients for about 14 years now. My intuitive connection with the cards has made me very successful at reading for others . This talent is a family gift that I treasure and don't take lightly. I love what I do. And I love to share what I do because we all feel better when we get clarification and confirmation when we are making difficult decisions.
Approach to Topics
You will get most out of your reading if you have a specific question. For this I do not use any specific spread, I read free form. Pulling cards until I intuitively feel I need to stop and reading their meaning as I go. Together we will derive the answers that we need from the story in the cards.
I can also do general readings, and for this I might use a mini cross layout, and I may ask you questions as we go. This tends to bring up questions from the seeker as well, which in turn can lead us to the issue at hand and further insight into the reading. Sometimes folks don’t know what to ask, and this method can get to the heart of the matter at hand and open it up.
In Love relationships I use and relationship 4 card spread. I love this spread it is truly full proof, even when you don’t like what you are hearing. It has never let me down.
Now lets talk about “if you don’t like what you are hearing”. I will always tell you what I see. I am so sorry in advance if it is not what you want to hear, but it's what you need to hear. We have all been there..... including me. If your reading isn’t 100% connecting with you, give yourself time to think about what you have heard. Generally in time it will make sense. That being said, my clients usually connect with their reading 90% of the time very well and understand the insight they are getting. I try to always give you some work to be done that you can take away with you . I don’t just give you the info, I try to tell you what you can now do with what you learned. Whether you decide to follow the advice or not is up to you. Free will plays a part in all of our lives, we do ultimately what we want, that is what makes us human.
I also like to engage my clients in the reading, so there will be questions from me and questions from you. Let's establish now that I can not read your mind and this is not a parlor trick. It is intuition at work. I am a trained intuitive. I use my intuition and knowledge of tarot to get you the answers you need. That may at times require me to engage you. Sometimes thorough conversation we get further insight.
A word about time: You can’t get your best reading in 2 mins. This is not a sales pitch, it is reality. I have to shuffle the cards for you, look at them and give you the feedback that you need. Tarot reading is my business. A 10 minute reading out in the world is
$ 15 - $30 . You need at least that much time for a good reading minimum. So please keep that in mind.
Again I love what I do, and get as much a thrill from your reading as you do. My goal is giving you insight and clarity every time.
In conclusion , I will always follow up your reading with an email. If we get cut short, I will include farthing insight in your email if I didn’t get it out on the phone. Like an Easter egg in the movie credits, you will always get a little something more to follow up your reading. If for some reason I forget, them email me and let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and consider letting me read for you!
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