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Unique Tarot Readings at Affordable Rates for 40+ years. Accurate, Tailored Tarot Spreads of Timeless Truths w/ Elegance & Grace LGBTQA Safe, non-judging, neutral )o( Closed New Moons (8% illumination or less)
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add me as a "favorite" to get notified when I'm online. When the Cosmos reveals my new seasonal schedule, I'll let ya'll know. Closed New Moons (8% illumination or less).

Background: I was born en caul & double crowned. My grandmother taught me the 'game of tarot' using a poker deck (cartomancy). I've been reading tarot spreads for over 42 years now, albeit in presence (not over the phone) until 2015. I emerged from the broom closet in May '15 after retirement from a Professorial career. I can maintain my energy & focus through set hours due to my strong foundations and beliefs in action, skills honed & qualifying me as a practitioner of Holistic Tarot Counseling. I have an MA in Human Development & Psychological Counseling (completed 2004, ASU Boone, NC) I am an eclectic neutral practitioner of earth science/magik & solar metaphysics.

I’ve traveled extensively giving in person tarot readings in the US before moving abroad after grad school. I've lived & read Tarot in South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Greece, Netherlands, Laos, & Cambodia. I've visited several more countries. I am a temple tourist of sorts. :) I was raised by a family with a grandpa who was a high-level (32) Freemason first in the Elks Lodge, then again for fun, the Moose Lodge. He was also a member of Mensa. He is registered on the Choctaw Roll. My grandmother (Fuquay "French Acadia"), mother, aunt, & sister are Eastern Stars.

My Father’s linage is more impressive yet a closely held secret. It is he that I follow.

I was not set to walk an approved path within a guild, so I was harnessed for my gifts since the age of 7. Despite being under a “masonic harness” I could not be fully controlled. I had several near death and death experiences between the ages of 7-15.

Through my father’s metaphysical guidance, I practiced as a solitary and was accepted to follow the Yantra path by Ajarn Koh of Ayutthaya, Thailand, May 2010. After proving to be a daily dedicated practitioner, I was gratefully set free of the “Masonic Harness” by a Sanskrit shaman at the earth’s new year (April 2015).

Unfettered, my gifts have expounded. I am also a craftswoman in blessings, bindings, healing, amulets & talismans. I generally won't do craft-work for strangers/phone clients. I follow a Pagan Yantra path. Many things in life are more important than money. I try my best to keep my rates reasonable. I do not accept bonuses because I do not receive the full amount gifted (50% keen keeps - so no bonus please) I do not bid for clicks, nor artificially increase my rank via Keen's bidding system. honesty & clarity is a priority for me. Informed clients are happy clients. happy clients mean I sleep better. :)
Tech Stuff:
I use an iPhone 10 and speak directly into the phone. For the majority of calls, I can hear you clearly. If you are having trouble hearing me, I suggest clearing the cache/cookies from your phone and restarting it. Thanks for respecting the fact that I have no control over technical issues.

Approach to Topics
*** As an empath, I am extremely sensitive to your moods and thoughts. If you are feeling angry & frustrated, it does not help the connection between us. It is better to take 5-10 minutes to clear your mind & heart before you call. If you are unhappy, it is OK to express that frustration, but please do so responsibly. Thank you!

**** Chat FYI brb = be right back, it means I'm shuffling the cards. )0( Blessings to you all my dear friends & clients - I've grown rather fond of ya'll

***** Standing Policy since 2015: All calls and chats come with a chakra cleanse and blessings of love, tranquility, light, & protection from “evil”. If you allow it (ie relax and allow yourself to be in a comfortable state of mind) your chakras will also be balanced. For those who seek it, additional information will be given to aid you in enhancing the connection between us so that you can maximize your blessings and protection. These services are included in the price of the call.
*New Policy* effective immediately April 10, 2020. If you outsource, participate in, or conduct yourself any form of what is traditionally called “black magic, root chakra centered magic, or grey magic” your rights and privileges for and access to the standard policy is null and void. This type of behavior is detrimental to the client community and will not be condoned, blessed, nor protected. I’m not wasting my valuable soul energy protecting clients from the demons they themselves conjure whether directly or indirectly.
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  • Kind · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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