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My interest in tarot grew 13 years ago as with evolutionary astrology and horary. I am also certified as a Spiritual Counselor and Assertiveness Coach. I been doing readings since 2008. I am always studying and learning my craft and the human mind.

I have many years experience in business and taking companies that were shut down or on the verge of shutting up, bringing them back to life , along with owning my own cafe. I also have nutrition background also for those that might need help with diets. My life learning experiences has help hundreds if not thousands of people.
Approach to Topics
Note: ** For timing, all spreads are out 3-6 months.

I connect to your energy using tarot cards. I start shuffling cards when I see your question(s) or concerns, Please note though when I am silent, do not think I am ignoring you or not there as I am as does take a few seconds to get your energies in the cards. Sometimes I might ask a question to make sure I am on the right track. Also I am usually 98% on picking up a client energies. Sometimes other people energies will come through and rarely but has happen I will pick up on someone that is deceased but because you are carrying their energy around you that they might come through. Sometimes I will use horary astrology to check the question especially for timing and to see if the cards supports horary or visa versus. I always give my clients the truth. I am a Leo so very honest and truthful

I love doing evolutionary astrology, your natal birth chart has a wealth of information regarding your life. Tells you what kind of relationship and person you need. It can tell you when someone is coming, also shows when those real soulmates are coming but they come into your life as the bring issues you need to learn, to help you grow. It can show you what kind of career you should have, shows your spirituality, money, family, etc, but do not ask about death as only God knows that one. If you are feeling tension, depressed, indecisive, and fighting back and forth in your mind, it will show what is going on in your life and gives solutions.
Please have your birth date, birth time and place of birth for accurate reading.

I was on Keen in 2013/2014 and took time off to learn about the Universe and just now got back on. I hope you invite me on this journey of yours.

**No questions on pregnancy, health or legal matters allowed. Please consult a professional for these matters.**

Cards only go out for up to a year and events can happen during that time. Timing is difficult to do as Universe doesn't know time and events can be delayed by your actions. I do my best to get you a time frame though as my spreads do have and can tell timing but remember, its not set in stone.

I do evolutionary astrology, its the map of your soul in this life time. Birth date, exact birth time and place of birth is required and can take up 30 minutes or more in chat. I do not do pay per view any longer.

I am not a medium. I do not do names, I can do qualities of what the person may be. I do not do any type of medical including pregnancy. Please remember, cards only go out for so long and energies can change as life changes as nothing is set in stone, cards can tell you what may happen if you stay on the same path.
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