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As a witness, reader, and collaborative problem solver, I will consult with you on any aspect of your life including:, relationships, soul mates, faithfulness, betrayal, lost loves, the return of a love and or soul mate.
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I have been receiving heartfelt and highly accurate angelic readings and spiritual assistance throughout America, Canada and South Africa since I was eight years of age. I read for people from all walks of life, all of my life; as a way of life .
Approach to Topics
As soon as you call , I call upon the heavenly bodies and Divine purified source on your behalf and our protection. I lay cards down that are not tarot and not the only way I read....truly. You can ask questions silently or aloud either way.

But here is what you need to know... What "all" my clients, family, self etc have experienced is that, very shortly post reading, you will see these predictions and wisdom show up in your own life to not only assist you, show you that you are not alone and guided, but to as well , help you develop a much stronger awareness to the higher power wishing always to get you to your best life in "every way" . Literally by your self with the higher power after
the reading, teaching you what you might not be fully aware of; (as we all have blind spots).

Sometimes people think that this must mean, it wont be accurate, specific, get you what you want...but this could not be farther from the truth.

It is wise to be open to understanding that ;
A. Not everyone is dishonest or not "Psychic" if they do not tell you exactly what you came to hear as in truth, the reader is not in control of this, the one who loves us all the most ..is. There is always a reason "why" you did not hear what you thought you had to know when and if that happens. That
"always" shows up soon after reading to show you.."why" And it will always be for your best benefit.

B. The higher power is always and only protecting, loving and doing everything that is for your best and highest good, which includes the desires of your heart.
C. Negative energy, obsession, anger, worry, fear, insecurity, despair, doubt, guilt and shame etc ; are all lower conscious "dense" energy (being deceived) and this I "promise you" will not obtain for you the best experience, results and outcomes.

So, be open, ask your question(s) in your heart or share with me, sometimes the spirit can absolutely say yes or no, very black and white clarity.
But if it does not; do your best to not assume the worse and await the reading to "unfold" (taking notes is highly recommended) .

You will (I promise) obtain your understandable and needed confirmation but not in a way that is Pandora's box, and can literally affect your outcomes in a negative way. But rather in a way that has fate and faith, on your side.

I always do my best to share a full reading in as short and affordable of a time as I can, of course it is best for us both to take our time, we are consulting the higher power about your life's concerns and no I can not in any way claim, that you can get a good reading in a few minutes, it usually is at minimum 10 minutes . But I always do my best to bring you benefit and the doorway to more profit and assistance; not to drain you. I would not ever keep you on the phone longer then is needed and I am always there in compassion and wishing that all your best wishes in life all come true.
A reading is designed to get to the core of "any and all" disturbances in your life path and in by that work is what brings movement, resolution, success in "all" areas of life. And of course; the issue you had on your mind when coming to the reading.
These readings are reading "you" from within, are ancient and passed down. They reflect your soul and energy of life's circumstances, people, opportunities, betrayals (to warn, prepare and to protect) , faithfulness (when your jealous for no reason the spirit lets you know) , love, relationships, monies, investment. Spiritual and physical life goodness and dreams...not good, not bad but what is and most importantly, the guidance to know how to increase and design one's authentic life to it's optimal best.
The bottom line? These readings work for all aspects of life, to those seeking wisdom, guidance and instruction from their own higher wisdom and having the patience and trust to keep objective, take note when told and await in trust the unfolding within a short time post reading, for predictions to come true.

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