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Tarot by Diosa
Tarot by Diosa
~Intuitive Tarot Readings ~ I just need names ~
10 minutes for $1.99
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Gifted intuitive tarot seer specializing in relationship, money or career readings. Clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant, along with the unique gift of precognition. 18 years on Keen.
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Please read my entire profile before contacting me.

I am an intuitive tarot seer and healer, providing in-depth insight on love, relationships, and money matters. Please read my entire profile before contacting me.

First-time callers: I will not do time frame or general readings for new callers, so please don't ask. I am not God and make no claims about time frames. If it is time frames you seek or a general reading, call another advisor. Also, I need more than one minute do to a reading.

• I have been an Advisor on Keen for 18 years;

• I only need first names, not birthdays. Please be respectful. Remember, this is our first-time meeting, so please properly introduce yourself with your name;

• I am clairaudient (psychic hearing), clairsentient (ability to feel or sense things) & claircognizant (clear knowing);

• I use tarot cards as a divination tool to help me gain a deeper understanding of all areas of your life;

• I will give you fast, honest, direct answers.

• Decks I use: Celestial Tarot Deck, Goddess Tarot, Osho Zen Tarot, Light Seer Tarot, Gil Tarot.

• It is my goal to assist in sorting through the illusions, navigating the roadblocks, and finding the truth. Frequently, callers need clarification on a particular situation, and my readings provide intuitive guidance, healing, and tranquility. My gift comes from God, and I use it to help others gain a deeper understanding of their lives.

Approach to Topics
Sometimes life, love, and relationships can feel like climbing endless stairs. Please know that you do not have to climb those stairs alone.

Please call with a specific question. The best way to get answers is by asking specific questions.

I use multiple decks, and various tarot spreads to look at your question from all angles. I need the first name to get a clear connection. Please do not call and ask how "M" feels about you or how your ex feels about the female in the red shirt: I need a name. If your question is about a job, I need the job title or name to separate that job from any other job. Please don't start the conversation with, "Hi, how are you? I want to know about my POI;" or "I want to know about the man I am interested in;" or "I want to know how someone feels about me;" or "Is "T" returning?" I need to know your name and the name of your POI. The name is essential, and I use it to tap into your energy and question. Be specific with your question. Please do not assume that I will figure out your question. For example, if you call and provide the names of two people, I need to know the question; otherwise, I will look at how those two people feel about each other rather than how each person feels about you

Please do not ask me for hair, eye color, or the name of the man in your future. I can see personality traits, (sometimes) the astrological sign of the person, and approximately when they will appear. When the person shows up in your life, and you have a name, I am happy to take a more in-depth look at the relationship. Also, please don't ask me what cards I am pulling. If I have to stop the reading to explain what cards I pull and how I get the information, it distracts me from receiving the information from Spirit.

I do not do health readings or answer legal questions.


Timing is never exact with the cards. Everything happens in divine timing. We can also interfere, or slow down timing based on our actions. If exact and accurate time frames are what you seek, I suggest contacting another reader. Sometimes it is better to space out the readings, and repeatedly calling to ask the same question or if I still see the same thing will not change the outcome or timing.

Please do not call if you have any background noise: I need silence, and distracting noises interfere with my ability to focus. If you are in a noisy area, chat is a better option.

If I sense that you are playing "test the psychic," I will end the call. I take my work seriously. If you request a general reading about your love life, refuse to give the name of your person of interest, or pretend like there is no one of interest in your life, I will end the call or chat. Due to the wave of these types of calls, I stopped doing general readings.

If you are abusive or harass me, I will block you. If you send a ping or email asking a question that requires an additional reading, I will not respond. Please do not abuse my gift with constant requests for free readings; It takes so much energy to do a reading.


I am available for both phone and chat tarot readings. If you would like to do a chat reading, please ping me. Also, if you are contacting me via chat, please keep in mind that I am reading cards and need time to shuffle and lay out the cards before I type the answer: I try to be as fast as possible, but if you want a faster reading, it is better to call.
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