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The Luv Alchemist
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10 minutes for $1.99
Highly Gifted Intuitive, Psychic Empath. Expert reading energies of others. I see thoughts, feelings, intentions and next steps. Like a psychic BFF, you can ask me anything, I'll help guide you on the right path!
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**Special Low Rate. Reg Rate 6.99. Please read below before having a reading with me**

To get the most from your reading, please be specific with your questions. Asking specific questions helps you get the messages that are meant for you, to navigate your unique situation.

Like your psychic best friend, I will tell you like it is. Always honest but with love, compassion and a little humor! Lets get you some clarity!

Do they love you? Are their intentions sincere or playing you? Why have they pulled away? Are they cheating? Are they over their ex? Do they want marriage or just using you?

Will you get the job? Will you get a promotion? Is there growth potential? What does your boss/coworkers think of you? Will your finances improve?

I am a highly gifted intuitive, empath, clairecognizant and clairesentient specializing in soul connections, healing and guidance in life, love, career.

Born gifted, I spent my life knowing things I shouldnt know, dreaming things that would come true and feeling what others were thinking. It wasnt until a near death experience that I became fully aware of my gifts and soul purpose. I was shown very clearly what I am here for and that is to help others see and understand what I can see and feel.
Ive dedicated my life and career to helping others heal and grow spiritually. I have worked with people all over the world and I am known for being:
* "On Point" "strongly connected" Very Compassionate" "Direct yet Funny" "very detailed"
*Very powerful in helping heal sacred, divine soul connections, as well as providing coaching and guidance to navigate the most trying times.
*Amazing at assisting the masculine and feminine on their journey to wholeness and union.

What my clients continually come back to me for:

Accuracy - predictions come to fruition most often then any others they've consulted

Healing - my ability to guide them in healing the wounds that keep them from what and who they love.

Honesty - Although it isn't easy, I will always compassionately tell the truth of what I see.

Humor - like talking to a best friend who knows you inside and out. I will be direct in ways that help you see your accountability and have those "a-ha" moments that tend to bring on some belly laughs but always bring about huge shifts.

I am very accurate, honest AND direct. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, I am here to tell you the truth of what is shown through spirit! I can help you with the pains and frustrations relationships, help navigate through your lifes toughest questions, that seem impossible to make. I am also a reiki healer and specialize in past life/inner child healing.

I dont do readings for people that cheating or dealing with someone that is cheating. No judgement, its about protecting my energy and boundaries as the energies surrounding those situations are very heavy as I can feel both sides.

For chat readings: I do not do twin flame confirmations or general readings such as "what is the future for me"(love life or career) These are general readings and done by phone only.

I do not read to predict who your "soulmate" or twin flame is or when they are coming. Regarding twin flames, I believe if you have one they will come in divine timing when we are ready and our path has been prepared for them.

In a reading with me, I can help you make decisions in your love life and specific issues by giving you clarity into the people or situation at hand. For example is he/she cheating, will things get better, how he/she is feeling, how to work through blocks and challenges etc but what I can NOT do is make the decision for you.

Before the reading, I will ask your name and Date Of Birth (DOB) and your Person Of Interests (POIs) name and DOB. The DOB is to determine who's energy is showing up in the reading, not to compare astrological signs. Please ground yourself as much as possible and be in a quiet place by yourself.
Approach to Topics
My approach is always very loving but honest and direct. I am an intuitive, empath, who is clairsentient, and claircognizant. I use tarot as a tool to guide me, however, I channel divine messages through my higher self along with my guides and angels. I will not waste your time and just tell you what you "want" to hear. I will tell you exactly what I "see" or "feel" about the situation or person in question, not only on a 3D level but on the soul level as well.

It may not always be easy to receive but it will be what you need. If you are not ready for the truth, then I may not be the advisor for you. In regards to Twin Flames/Soul Mates and Divine Connections, because I myself have been on this journey and know how challenging it can be, I come not only from a place of understanding and love but from a place of being able to interpret blocks and wounding to help heal, not only the connection but first and foremost yourself.

I am a channel..In addition to reading energy, I use Tarot for accuracy and clarity. But I do not rely only on cards, as a channel, information will flow through me that you may not have asked about, so please be open to receiving what spirit has to give. It is truly a gift. Because I read energy, if you are looking for confirmation if someone is your twin flame or want a general reading/message, please call.

I keep my per minute fee low as most of my clients are calling regarding deep soul connections that can be complicated by karmic partners, marriages etc, and it will take more then a few minutes to interpret/read the energy as well as give guidance and deliver messages. If you dont get your question answered the way you expected or wanted, please dont shoot the messenger. Just know I am only the channel and will deliver what I'm given.

With your permission, I am able to pull energetically from the akashic records and translate what your souls agreement is as well as translate the energies according to the current paths you and your partner are currently on and help guide you through it. These connections are very difficult and bring up core wounds to be healed but there is no way around it, that is why they have come into your life and there is no turning back. Universe will continue to bring the lessons in until it is healed. These are not your every day relationship issues, which is why the connection and the pull is so strong. To heal, to grow and to clear on an energetic level.

Know that I am here out of love and dedication to this journey and to the mission of healing. My life has been transformed, although it wasnt easy, it has been beautiful. I have so much gratitude and am humbled to be service to anyone who seeks guidance. Although a few minutes or even one session may not be enough time to get answers to all your questions and help you solve your issues, I am generous with free minutes for those that are serious and seek true guidance and I also offer coaching at a lower per minute rate. Message me if you would like details.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 65
  • Helpful · 61
  • Kind · 61
  • Detailed · 57
  • Accurate · 52
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