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~~~Winter Special: $2.75~~~ Known from German national TV Using Tarot I reveal your specific answer - unprejudiced and free of personal opinion
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My approach to life has always been - and still is - very scientific. I need facts and statistics, numbers and proof to be convinced.
Nevertheless, I have the gift of Foresight and the psychic ability to see, hear, and feel information otherwise hidden in the multiple folds of space and time.
For many years I rejected these skills and outright questioned my sanity whenever a vision struck me. It took years of studying the occult until I finally found the humility towards my path in life and accept my gift as a blessing that was bestowed upon me to be studied, understood, and utilized.
It was the urge to find a logical explanation for this gift that led me to study and learn about every spiritual path and religion hence, I have a profound knowledge of divinatory systems, as well as Astrology.

From all the oracles I am able to utilize Tarot and French Fortune Telling cards are among my favorites.
Tarot cards - especially the Thoth Tarot - reveal deep insights and very specific answers to all of your questions.

In over two decades I have done close to 40000 readings, have been featured on German national TV, on the cover of esoteric magazines (see picture), and have been blessed to be able to help many people to find the answers they are looking for.
Approach to Topics
As a Medium of the Oracles my sole purpose is to transmit your specific answer to any question or on any issue strictly without any judgement or personal opinion.

To reveal deep insights into thoughts, feelings, and motivations (especially when you are asking to understand another persons actions) Tarot cards are highly efficient, and getting straight to the point. I am using Tarot to not only clarify the current situation but to enlighten the path into the future.

Being highly empathetic my readings are always compassionate and understanding, yet straight forward, honest and accurate.
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