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Treu Destiny

634 readings since 2001
5 minutes for $1
5 * reader. I'll look into any question you have
There's no one that I can't help. Call me now to get pointed in the right direction! Don't waste any time! Ask anything. 5 star tarot reader. Check my feedback!! Email readings available.
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About Me
When I was young I used to predict things to my family on a regular basis. One time in particular I had told my aunt she would win at Bingo, so she volunteered to split any winnings with me. I was very small at the time, so at bed time my parents
My Approach To Topics
At the beginning of every reading I will ask for names, dates of birth, and how you're doing. This provides a better connection, and will be asked even to repeat clients that I already know these things to get the better connection :)

I will