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Trisha Parker

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2,355 readings since 2015
5 minutes for $1
Do you want to KNOW what is going on?
Do you want to know what is blocking your happiness? Who is lying or cheating? What can you expect? I give honest, practical advice to help you achieve your greatest potential. I won't sugar coat.
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About Me
About Me
Trained in ministry, I use my skills and experience to access your very own guides, those who surround you, to provide the direction and answers you need. I am a natural born healer, teacher and minister. I use my skills in Reiki, herbalism,
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Tarot is an empowerment tool and provides important information like:
Why are you blocked?
What strengths and weaknesses do you bring into a relationship?
What are the consequences of a decision?
How can you better your life?
How does your choice