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Learning tarot in a fun, energetic way, with YOU
I'm new with tarot, but have been practicing for years. I am filled with energy, and am able to see, and talk with energies around me if they present themselves, and if the timing, and setting is right.
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
Career & Work
Breakups & Divorce
Deceased Loved Ones
Lost People & Pets
About Me
About Me
I've been practicing for 24 years, since I was 14. This has pulled me into it, I didn't choose it, but I love it. I can help you with any question you have. The cards usually give me all the answers. I am great with deceased loved ones also. I do
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I am energetic, open, responsive, and honest. I will help you with any questions you have. I am good with relationships, careers, and deceased loved ones. I do spirit candle work, I read tarot cards, and can do many different spreads. I can give you