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Viento de Octubre
Viento de Octubre
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Divination is a conversation with the sacred. The cards are best employed to navigate life with true elegance. Bring your life questions. Explore your path and current situation with honesty to achieve life-changing guidance.
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My path and life work requires awakening and transforming myself into a servant of the sacred light residing within. I say exactly what I see in colorful detail, always respectful, present, sensitive, attentive, and supportive. Only serious seekers should seek my readings. I am fast, efficient, and to the point. I trust the reading, experience it and enjoy it. The connection is sacred, and I only perform readings where the connection is present. My clients have all learned to appreciate my engaging style of reading. Prepare to be connected to a legitimate source of guidance, and call.

My shamanic training began as a child, when I was three years old. I was introduced to the sacred art of tarot when I was eleven years old.

I practice, train, and live Toltec shamanism, the Fourth Way, Ashtanga Yoga, and Western Magick.

I am a practicing, full time Tarot Yogi, a Breakthrough Shaman, a Transformational Life Coach, an Executive Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, and an Aka Dua Adept teacher and trainer.

I see people dealing with childhood trauma, PTSD, phobias, addiction, relationships, personal and spiritual development, and those in need of guidance with their path.

I have become a Labyrinth Reader to aid those who have passed through the passage between death and rebirth.

Approach to Topics
I approach every reading as a servant to the sacred light within all beings. I engage with every card as a living entity that communicates the truth of a sacred reality. They serve to guide, illuminate, and empower choice. I serve to interpret their message.

My readings are directed to the essential being—that spark of the divine within all of us. My sacred work with tarot is to explore the life path, that which we came here to do, the reason we live, our pure will. My decks are consecrated instruments used by the inner guides to obtain true knowledge of things unseen. My cards transmit answers to all questions. A reading with me will naturally illuminate the state you are in. It will describe for you the origins and causes of your situation, influences that took place in getting you here. It will reveal the present state of affairs, including what forces are working against you and what supports your aims, goals, and wishes. It will detect possible trouble and outcomes. My cards will reveal, confirm or deny. They will show you what best course of action to take and advice you on how to achieve your desired outcome, all in alignment with your true path. They will guide you by illuminating the path and empower you by reminding you where your strength resides.

My reading space is a sacred space. I approach every reading with deep reverence and devotion to this sacred art and to the divine presence behind it. I see divination as a spiritual art-form that connects us to the inner guides. An essence to essence, being to being connection is truly an art of the heart, and divination requires it. True divination is about communing with intelligences that are higher than us; we know them as angels, inner-guides, Ancestors, auguries, God, and more. Propelled by the force of my pure will, it has been my life work to dedicate my time to the service of that divine presence. My work with the tarot is an intimate part of my path. It has been given to me to work with in a good way. To that end, I am in devout service to the inner light within all of us.
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