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I'm a licensed Minister, with over 20 years experience with the tarot, coaching, and spiritual healing. You can talk to me about anything. I can give you insight, and help you see the opportunities in your adversities.
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I have been speaking with Spirit since I was a young girl. Spirit has been guiding me on my path to happiness and fulfillment, where I now do what I love every day, and get paid to do it. I am a professional life coach, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a 3rd Degree Wiccan Priestess with the ATC-Canada, and the High Priestess of the Circle of the Sacred Muse.

The Prosperity Priestess wants to help you achieve your dreams and help bring you to the path that will most benefit you and will warm your heart. I will work with you to uncover the Divine within yourself to reconnect with the wisdom you already have inside of your soul.

After discovering how easy it was for Spirit to speak to me though my cards, I focused on developing my intuition even further to make sure I give the most accurate messages to those for whom I facilitate conversation.

I have guided my friends and clients to a better tomorrow time and time again - it is time for you place your trust in me and let me do the same for you!
Approach to Topics
Using my tarot cards, and my ability to see many sides of an issue, I connect with your guides to give you information that leads to your highest and best outcome, or points out the lesson your Higher Power is encouraging you to learn.

Tips for your best reading
-> Know what questions you want to ask. This helps hone in right away and saves you money! See the Question Guide below for ideas.
-> Timing questions are almost always subject to change due to the free will choice of everyone involved (not to mention other factors). I will give timing only when given to me during the reading by my guides. If the time frame, is not clear, I will tell you that.
-> Please clear your mind and center yourself before beginning a reading. If you come for a reading scared, angry or upset your guides will give answers on how to help your emotions in the now versus your situation in the future. Take a few moments to sit in a quiet place and take three slow, deep breaths to reset your system. When you feel calm, then click the call or chat button. :)

Question Guide: Ask anything. Use this as a guide to help you get started down the road to understanding.

Romantic Readings
- How does he/she feel about me?
- What caused the argument?
- What are their intentions for me? Will there be a future for us both?

Career Readings
- Will there be any promotions or job changes? Is a change to my career a good idea?
- Should I be working at this company? Is it a good fit? What do they think of my work?

Beyond-the-veil Readings
- What is God/Goddess/Deity/The Universe trying to teach me?
- Are there messages for me from loved ones who have passed on?

Personal Readings
- Are my goals going to come to fruition?
- I am trying to make a change in my habits, how can I make this work?

Please be kind enough to leave feedback and a rating after your call. This is so that I can help other people too. Consult a medical doctor for questions regarding diagnosing illnesses.

Please allow me to read for you, I want to help you find answers today.

Much love and Infinite Blessings,
Mary (WalksWithin)
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