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Kind yet honest readings. Non-judgmental. I am here to guide you to your best and highest good.
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I am a High Priestess in the order of the Avalon.

My Journey to spirituality began when I was pregnant with my oldest child. She had a (very treatable) congenital disease.

Knowing there was "something wrong" lead me in the direction to do "everything right" that I could.

I began to eat more whole foods, I started paying attention to my breathing patterns, I learned how to quiet my mind. I frequented healers. I began seeking spiritual mentors.

And I learned that I was highly intuitive.

With the help of a Spiritual Advisor, I began meditating, and practicing my intuition.

I did chakra cleanses, I chanted, looked into past lives (not my cup of tea), studied healing arts, reiki, and then I began to connect with our Mother Moon.

That is when I began my training to become a High Priestess in the Order of the Avalon.

I spent one year in preparation, two in training, another on in solidifying my knowledge, and countless since practicing.

Thank you for caring enough to read this.

Approach to Topics
As soon as I get on the chat, I am ready for you.

You can start by asking a question, or asking for a general reading.

I don't need names and birthdays or a whole lot of background information, because I read energies, but the information does help.

If you are asking about your "boyfriend" but you have already moved on, and already have someone else in your aura, I may pick up on the wrong person, so if you are in between relationships, or you feel connected to more than one person, give me names!

The more clear you are, the more clear I can be with my answers.

I am happy to get an email where you describe to me the situation, and *then* hop on the chat. This way, we can spend all the time on the chat concentrating on the reading, and less time with me understanding what you need.

Email me! I am here for you. I can respond letting you know how long the reading should take so we can both be prepared.

Your guides are ready to communicate with you, and they simply need a translator. I am an amazing translator.

I am a natural born healer, and I give you my full attention while we are chatting. So, if you are typing, I am either shuffling, or sending you positive energy. Don't be surprised if it "feels good" just to have me on the chat, I am sending you LOVE, and love feels nice.

Although I am capable of reading using different spreads (celtic cross, pivot readings, past present future, etc) I prefer to do question and answer type questions via this platform.

I boast of being non-judgmental, so if you feel a little apprehensive because your issue is "non-traditional" don't worry, I am here for you.

I like to present my readings in the most kind possible way. It is not exactly sugar coating, its just me trying not to be blatantly mean. There's already enough pain out there, you don't need your psychic to chastise you on top of it all.

Remember, I am here for YOU. And so thankful that you want to connect with me. So, if I read for you a few weeks ago, and you find yourself wondering about something I said, or needing me to clarify, make sure to email me, because remember, I am here for you.

Sending you love and light.



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