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I have helped many people in my community and other parts of the world with my gift. I have even helped people that I have never met before. When I’m out doing my every day routine. I run into people that needs me all the time. I am good at helping people find love,Making their life changes in dealing with love, finances,Closer with a loved one, I can tell you when your enemy is coming for you, When your spouse is cheating,When some one want’s your spouse, One of my clients was not looking for love because she had got out of a terrible realation ship with her husband cheating on her with her sister and the neighbors. She just ment she was done with love. She called me one day down and out.I told her to go to the Lowe’s hard wear store that she would have a admire that was at the store that will reveal himself to her. I also told her that she new this man because she went to school with him and he had a crush on her then. She refused to go to Lowe’s. Months later her daughter was coming home from the Army and she was bringing home her new husbands mother and father.She was in a panic because she said that she needed to paint her house. She said she was gonna go to Wallmart to get some paint. I told her no it is time to go to Lowe’s that that same man is still there for her. She goes to Lowe’s and she gets approached by this guy.He try’s to give her his number. She won’t take the number so he gives it to her daughter. She calls me and tell me I was so right about this man. He ended up being a manger at Lowe’s so he was still there. She had went to school with this guy and he told her to call him because he always had a crush on her. She would not call him at all. She calls me again I tell her to call him that was gonna be her new Husband.She said no no no. I told her she know that the guy is safe with just give him the one date. So she gave him the date. They been together every since.They got married and moved from Louisiana to Texas together.They been happily married for 12 years now and they still call me to this day.

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