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Is he cheating or is she the one for you... Unlocking what's hidden with my unique way of reading tarot!
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First, I am a 7 life path whom has been know to have psychic abilities. Since childhood I was able to see what others couldn't and seen what lies ahead. The spiritual was always attracted to me and now that I know my truth I know what I am here for and that is to help others on their path being the light bearer.
Approach to Topics
Using my special gifts i am able to sense negative energy as well as good. Being an empath I can feel emotions and I can help guide you where you can be and what is needed to be known. Also I receive gentle whispers from my guides assisting me in my reading when needed be.
Aha! you contacted a tarot reader so I will need to shuffle the cards a few times or less to clear my deck and get a correct reading. One thing, I ask that when you are asking your questions be direct, know what you want to ask especially on chat because I know time is precious and money which is why I stay affordable.

Some people try to be tricky by not asking the whole question or beating around the bush but you're not giving me answers by asking me a direct question. You are opening up allowing me to connect to your energy so that I can help you. Which is what I'm here for and to give you a sense of peace of what's bothering you while radiating positive energy ...
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