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Gina is Honest, Accurate, Highly rated, psychic and has over 50 yrs exp, over 95,000 Keen contacts. I won't waste your time, I do TRADITIONAL TAROT, meaning answering specific questions to help you on your path ! NO generals
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I do traditional tarot readings, meaning, you need to ask a specific question for a specific answer from Spirit through the cards.. PLEASE do not ask for a general reading, I have been trained how to do readings the old traditional way and it works best. I do the overhand shuffle , not a poker card type shuffle as I was taught hat a regular card playing shuffle scatters the energy. I have learned so much valuable information by studying with true tarot masters.

I have been giving card readings since 1971. I have taught tarot for over 12 years. I have been psychic/intuitive/medium since birth. I am here to help. I won't lie for good feedback.

I don't ask questions, but I do expect honesty. I have over 49 years experience. I don't change my reading due to what others have told you, I just give you the message from Spirit. I am here to give you clear answers , not what I think you want to hear. Clear , true answers truly help, the fairy tale does not.

I was taught long ago that tarot is a road map. It shows you the best route to where you need to go, or if there is a dead end, or a cliff. Tarot is not there to tell you what to do, but to tell you the best thing to do, or why something isn't working. Use tarot as a road map and you will always find the best way to get to the best location. That being said, it is not a tool for general readings as some think, or some magic predictor.

I won't play "test the psychic", I will end the call or chat, I need to be in a good , positive frame of mind to read for everyone. KEEN has a feedback system, that is your test result.

I am a born psychic who is mostly claircognizant, so PLEASE bring a question.

Who and what I am:
I am Triple Moon Goddess or TripleMoonGoddess on Keen .
I am claircognizant, clairsentient; clairaudient, and an empath.
I am a natural born and trained Medium (no mediumship readings on this listing)
I have been giving readings to help others since 1970
I have founded and lead a paranormal investigation team
I have been using tarot since 1971
I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui Method) since 2008
I am an ordained minister, non denominational
I have a Doctorate in Metaphysics from IMM Sedona
I have a BA in Psychology, Montclair University
I teach reiki, tarot, Universal Law, Metaphysics, and Psychic Development.
I will answer on any subject.
I am a certified Spirit Medium (Please see my mediumship listing for mediumship readings, I will not do mediumship readings on this listing)
I am non-judgmental and will give you a reading to help you make your best decisions.

I have given over 91, 000 Keen readings, and even more outside of KEEN at bookstores, metaphysical shops, etc.
I only work in the light. I will not tell you I am 100% accurate, no one is, and we ALL have free will, that can change readings.
I am married and have a grown child with autism, I have had much life experience, and much learning from practitioners, to Medicine men and women, to spirit guides counseling me. I am a teacher and a helper. I honestly try to help everyone who comes to me, but I expect an equal energy exchange.

I do not do pregnancy, medical diagnosis. I also do not do general readings, they only give general information, and I personally feel they are useless. They give generic answers that can change easily, I do not give generic answers. I am not here to argue, so it doesn't matter if you heard something different or feel something different, I will deliver my message as it is sent to me regardless.

My lifetime has always had at least one foot in the metaphysical, and for the past 14 years ONLY in the metaphysical/paranormal. I have a firm grasp on how things need to be done as far as readings, investigations, etc. I am VERY aware of how people feel and what their motivations are.

Approach to Topics
PLEASE no medical, pregnancy, test/contest, political, lottery, death dates, lost items, investment questions or anything else disallowed by KEEN. I need your question (not a topic), and SOMETIMES the person's first name. I do NOT need their birthdate. Expect timing and readings to change, if they don't ever change , that is an issue. You want progress, and sometimes the change will be backwards rather than forwards, but that is life, and what happens if you are trying to make change in your life, your reading changes.

Ask specific questions to receive specific answers, for example "Tell me about my relationship" doesn't help you , ask "Why is my boyfriend so distant?" or "Can I help this relationship run smoother?" I will give you names IF I get them!

I DO want you honest and up front, The tarot is symbols known as archetypes and I need to know the base to associate those with , things seen and felt are the same. I do NOT use book layouts like the Celtic Cross, I read the old fashioned way. This triggers my claircognizant abilities. Please have your question ready.

Please do not ask about Twin flames, and soulmates. I do not believe in them. Never in over 50 years of mediumship has a Spirit ever mentioned such a things, nor has a guide.

NO general readings ! No readings on minor children or death dates! Please don't start the reading with a "When" question...the answer may be "never". NO mediumship readings on this listing. Timing is the most changeable part of any reading, basing your decisions on when another person will do something, usually leads to disappointment. I will NOT play test the psychic, I need to read for people who want help and trust me not people who want to negate messages they don't like. I need to stay in positive energy, not where games are played. Please be respectful!

I am straight up with you and expect you to be with me.
I do NOT ask you questions except sometimes a name.
I am here to help, and I cannot do that by lying to you, so you will hear the truth, although I deliver it in a gentle way.
I use my method of card reading not layouts in books, I have been using this method for over 49 years!
I read quickly, accurately, and use a combination of the cards and my psychic abilities.
I send Reiki to each client at the end of the day
I will help you with affirmations that I write specifically for you and your situation at the end of a reading, but please email and request this.
I will give timelines, but timing is the most changeable aspect of a reading, so please do not rate me on timing.
I do NOT do mediumship readings on this listing, it is a completely different process and prep, please see my mediumship listing for that type of reading

Remember, Spirit tells you what you NEED to know, not what you want to hear....Readings are interactions with Higher Powers, with Spirit, guides, master teachers, so please be respectful.

I am signed on EVERY day. Weekends I may start later, no later than 8AM eastern although I am usually on by 7:15-7:30 weekends, and 7AM week days.

I do not send free minutes to new clients, Keen has an extensive feedback system and referral to help you find a reader. I send minutes to regular clients only and have a formula I use to send minutes, so please don't ask.

Readers are talking to Spirit, and please respect that connection with all readers.
I will end a call chat if you argue, berate, or are in any way abusive; I will end a call or chat if I feel you are playing games. I need to be in the right place to read for everyone, so I will not allow myself to become frustrated with anyone not truly seeking helpful advice.

You must be 18 or older to seek advice from me or any KEEN reader
Thank you!
Triple Moon Goddess Gina
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