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About Me

My name is Brandy. I am a Professional Psychic Tarot Reader with 25+ years experience. I have the following abilities that I apply to all my readings:
Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)
Clairsentience (Clear Sensation or Feeling)
Clairempathy (Clear Emotion)

I use the tarot as a tool to help you with clarity, prediction, & guidance. I can see things from different angles and can see or consider situations that many don't. I am able to predict possible outcomes in situations. I am really good at being able to see or intuitively tell what's going on beneath the surface and get to the truth of the matter. I enjoy lifting the veil for you so you can see where you are and what you need to know. I give the truth in a compassionate way.

My inner guidance is used to help you find a new perspective on an old problem. I work with my spirit guides to get guided information and I sometimes do tap into ancestral work. I do my best to include forecasting and predicting possible outcomes for you and your situation, but know nothing is set in stone so you can change your path and so can another that may be involved in your situation.


Please know that I do not violate Keen's policies which include:
Giving legal advice as I am not a lawyer.
Giving health advice as I am not a doctor. This includes pregnancy.
Giving lottery numbers as that is infested with negative energy and is just a chance circumstance. Think about the state of mind someone is in when they purchase the lottery ticket? Drowing in debt for example. Think of all those who have won and where they are at? There are only a few that are really living a good life.

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  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships Honest, Accurate, FAST, Love Psychic Tarot Reading   5 stars
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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers Psychic Tarot Reader To Help Gain Insight   4 stars
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  Psychics Life Questions Let's find out if you are on the right path!   5 stars
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  Psychic Readings Spiritual Readings Angelic Spiritual Guidance When You Need It Most   4 stars
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  Psychics Otherworld Connections Need Angelic Spiritual Guidance?   No Feedback
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  Psychic Readings Other Get Clarity Now With a Card Reading!   4.5 stars
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