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DAKINI Top Psychic Astrologer 33 years 3rd generation - Relationship Expert! Former Director Dr. John Gray "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus". KIND, FAST ACCURATE Accepting only 5 star repeat callers. Call for Truth
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I am the Great Grandaughter of the Powhatan leaders of 33 tribes from Virginia, Wahunsenaca and Opecancanough. Bloodlines traced from 1400 include Pamunkey, Mattaponi. Shawnee, Cherokee. Pocahontas is my aunt, her closest sister my Great Grandmother. Chief Cornstalk is also my Great Grandfather. All verified through birth records mothers side (geni website). I was raised and trained by medicine people from different cultures throughout my life. I did Astrology and Tarot readings as a teenager. Astral projection, remote viewing, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient. Love expert as former director for Dr. John Gray of the Mars Venus Institute. I’m a former teacher, Spiritual Parenting Coach. Children Are from Heaven. Author of published parenting articles.

I visited Mexico, Thailand and India and met with monks, shaman, saddhus, Curanderos and Curanderas, Tribal Medicine People, Wiccan and magical folks from many cultures. I learned to read a crystal ball as a teen and astral projected at will on the ceiling. Being an old soul, these practices are familiar to me and I have had visitations from departed friends and family since age 10. (To be continued).
Approach to Topics
I’m a quick enthusiastic communicator as I love doing Priestess work!. It is my true life purpose, I am happy when I am able to share wisdom with others! I tend to give a lot of information, so please feel free to contact me and be ready to take notes. I have a master’s degree in Psychology and have counseled thousands of people over the years in my practice as a reader and coach. Play therapy is my specialty as is Relationship work (former director for Dr. John Gray of the Mars Venus Institute) I offer rituals and Law of Attraction for creating positive energies, Black Hat Feng Shui tips and more. (To be continued)
Opechanough, above, is a historical celebrity and my actual great grandfather, he’s the hero of his tribe, the Pamunkey. They chant his name “OPE OPE OPE” up and down the Pamunkey River in Virginia. He defended his tribe and led an attack that created a significant stop to the colonist attacks, the only one theft and criminal acts against the peaceful, native people.
Namaste, Dakini
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