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Chandler Armstrong Astrologer
Chandler Armstrong Astrologer
Master Canadian Psychic Astrologer
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Master Psychic Astrologer Chandler Armstrong has been amazing people for over 35 years. A master astrologer, his accuracy comes from 5 generations of tradition and the 1000's astrological charts he's interpreted.
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Chandler's training in astrology began at a very early age through his Grand
Father, a well-known European Astrologer from Scotland, a Theosophist, and a member of two western tradition mystery schools. Years of early training, as well as a passion to learn, an interest in several other metaphysical studies, eastern and western spiritual traditions - instilled a great depth to his work, and the wisdom shared in his consultations. His early career in astrology started when he was only 17 years of age, making him one of the youngest in his profession to achieve renown as a Master Astrologer. His proficiency in astrology comes from the thousands of Astrological Sessions he has provided to people from virtually all walks of life.
Now with over 30 years of experience, he continues to be a much sought-after consultant, advisor, and teacher.

Approach to Topics
Specializing in the Ancient Art of Divinatory Astrology!

Chandler is also very adept at a very specialized and ancient form of Divinatory Astrology called Horary Astrology, which is the Judgment of the Astrological
Chart for very specific answers based on proprietary techniques passed on through his heritage and used by his family in the service of European royalty and nobility. This provided very concise answers (Yes, No, and often Why), to your questions. This speciality is most often used in the final Question and Answer portion of sessions (usually at the end of the sessions).

As a psychic astrologer, he uses his natural ability to fine-tune the interpretation of your chart, brings an added dimension and depth to the session.

You will know when he is providing a technical interpretation when he uses language like your chart shows this is traditionally interpreted as.." and the intuitive, when phrases like "In your case I sense, feel or see"

What Can Your Astrological Chart Tell You?

The cosmic imprint as seen in astrology is as unique as your fingerprints and contains information about every aspect of your life. It's a powerful tool for self-understanding, the realization of your true potential, and affirming your life purpose.

Astrology is a symbolic representation of our connection with, and our purpose within our universe. It is through this connection that we become re-aligned with source, and create a harmonious & life expression that allows us to express these energies.

Ultimately every being is what it is due to its specific reception of the energy radiating for the ultimate formless reality. In the Taoist tradition, this is called virtue. It is by becoming attended to this flow, that we naturally become attuned to our own virtue, and our life then begins to flow naturally from the source. Astrology assists in this process by showing us our virtue and true nature.

By utilizing astrology to explore the patterns that are creating your reality,
you can go beyond learning what your "future" has in store. You can become a conscious participant in the highest expression of that future.

It is important to realize that there is no such thing as astrological charts. it simply shows the exact energies that reflect the special purpose that you came here to fulfil.

In every session, whether about relationships, career, or life purpose, my purpose is to inspire and empower you to inspire and empower you to awaken to your full potential in every aspect of your life.

It is my goal to give each person I work with useful information they can use to
improve the quality of their life.

What you can expect in your First Session?

Your first session is always a detailed birth chart, as well as an overview of
current astrological influences as this are necessary to work with you.
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