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Chris - Clairvoyant Intuitive

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10 minutes for $1.99
Direct Messages from Source
I am a direct messenger from Source Energy. I speak the truth about your situation. If you have questions and need clarity, give me a call.
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
Destiny & Life Path
Breakups & Divorce
Spirit Guides
Past Lives
Remote Viewing
Angel Readings
About Me
I have been psychic all my life. My giftings in mediumship started as a young boy and have only grown as I've gotten older. I am able to see into your future, as well as, help you understand your past.

My Approach To Topics
I am a naturally gifted psychic whose whole goal is to help people. I know I am here to bring joy and peace to the world and I am to do that in my readings. I bring a direct and natural approach to the reading sessions. You'll have a deep sense of