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Jody - Psychic Medium
Jody - Psychic Medium
Intuitive Psychic Readings and Mediumship
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I use my spiritual gifts to help my clients connect with God and Spirit to get them the messages and information that they are looking for.
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My name is Jody. I have had experiences, dreamed of things to happen and known/felt things my entire life. I use my gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit and I am able to get information for you regarding your job, career, finances, travel and love life - any situation that you may want to know about.

There are several ways that I get information:

I hear/know information.
I see images.
I feel physical symptoms and pain.
I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get.

I do not use or need tarot cards, a pendulum, crystals or crystal ball, runes or any other divining device to read for you although I can and do use them occasionally. I simply get the information from God and my spirit guides.

When I read for someone they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for. I will always ask you if you really want to know the truth about any situation and I will not hide anything or not be honest. I don?t feel it's fair to be dishonest or hide the truth if you honestly want to know something and I have been given the information (there are times when I won't always be given the answer?especially if it's something that you aren't supposed to know). But I will always tell you the truth.
Approach to Topics
The way I read it is to connect with your energy, your spirit guides, your angels and creator. By tuning in this way I get information intuitively to give to you. I don't need cards but I do have tarot cards if you would like me to use them and sometimes I do consult with them. I am also a very strong medium and that means that I can connect you with your loved ones who have crossed over. Please come with questions and be ready to ask me anything.
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