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I love helping people reach their Love goals: loving yourself, loving someone else, or preparing yourself for someone to love you. Let's connect to find the right answers and help you on your life path.
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I have helped people to find out whether the person they are interested in is the best fit for them. I have helped people rejuvenate their love lives. I have helped people prepare themselves for the the love they want to manifest. I have helped people find out the integrity of a company before they applied for a position. I have helped people find answers about their past so that they can confront their past traumas and move forward to get on their life path.

When people call me in distress, I gently ease them to a calmer emotional space. My goal is to help people be happier and stronger, and, if they allow me, I tell them what I see. The guidance is always right even if they can not see it at that time.

There are always challenges, but challenges are meant to be overcome. Every challenge you overcome makes you stronger and wiser. I want to help others realize this also. I’ve learned that real change is possible, but it takes work, and I do my best to help people get there in baby steps when needed and larger steps if that is what you are capable of. My goal is to aid each person in achieving their goals with the aid of their spiritual team. You are not alone on your journey; there is always support.

I will always tell you what the guidance tells me and not my opinion. I connect to your entire spiritual team and the Akashic records.

I was born to do this. My first known gift was finding out I had psychic abilitie. According to my astrological chart, I am a double psychic!, I later added UsuiI Reiki and Kundalini Reiki, tarot, angel, and oracle card readings, listening sessions, Divine Heart Connection energies, Chakra clearing, balancing and more!

I am always firmly grounded and my crown chakra is always open to bring in more light. I believe that there is always Light in every situation.

I love teaching people to recognize and pay attention to their intuition.

There is always Light!
Approach to Topics
I am loving and compassionate, yet direct. I work for you and will always do my best for you. Remember that no matter what your guidance says today, things and situations can always change based on what you choose to do.

I have many natural abilities and tools I can use to get guidance and answers to your questions and always directly connect to you and whoever or whatever you have questions about.

Many clients reach out to talk to me about love and relationships. I believe the first step to having a great relationship with another person is to have a great relationship with yourself. I am so happy to see my clients on this path and would love the opportunity to use my spiritual tools to help you.

I am here to assist you on your path by answering questions that you have about your life. This can be anything from finding your ideal partner, making the right choice to advance in your career, or finding the truth in your past, present and future.

If you are looking to find answers to those questions that keep you up, reach out to me and let's ask your Spiritual Team to reveal the truth.
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