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Mother Dove
Mother Dove
How do you truly feel? Are you happy?
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Do you find joy in life? Like your job? Feel good? Wake up each day Grateful? If you answered no to any of these questions let me help you identify the root issues and take control of YOUR life and YOUR happiness now!
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Above all else, I am mom to five little humans (Yes 5!) I believe thoughts are very powerful. Our thoughts and emotions shape our world and manifest into our daily lives. Everything is connected through energy and consciousness. I realized at a very young age that I had been blessed with Innate Knowledge, Intuition, and Perceptive Dreams. All gifts that I consider sacred. With the help of a few amazing spiritual mentors and their advice I strive to continue learning and growing on a soul level and my goal is to help many others do the same.

In the beginning, I used my abilities to raise my own spiritual awareness, later helping friends and loved ones do the same. I now work with thousands of clients throughout the US and UK. I have spent many years studying and perfecting my abilities in Astrology, Dream Divination, Numerology, Psychic Readings, Tarot, Spiritual Counseling, and Life Coaching. I consider myself a steward to all of those that seek my help. I receive great honor by assisting others to grow spiritually and gain the insight needed to reach higher levels of their consciousness. After all, this is a time in the Universe for unimaginable growth and understanding.
Approach to Topics
Life has a way of breaking us down at times and causing us to fall into a negative state of being. I will use my intuition and gifts to take a look at your energy and current situation from a non biased, compassionate, third party point of view. Utilizing the information that I receive to help you achieve your life goals and find a sense of well being and happiness regardless of the obstacles in your way. I believe that if something is wrong in our lives it is imperative that we acknowledge it and tackle the situation head on. There is always a solution and we are always in control of our own personal happiness it is just a matter of putting a plan in place and taking action.

Some appropriate questions to ask during a Life Questions Reading include; Where is my career heading? Am I in the right job to reach my goals? Are there things I can change to do better at work? What should I stop doing? Are there people around me that are untrustworthy? What should my number one priority be right now?
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