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Rachel Van Houte
Rachel Van Houte
Life Coaching, Questions Explored & Answered!
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I've been reading people since I was a child! I can experience your world with extreme accuracy. I give the BEST advice to those seeking it!
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Having inherited my psychic awareness as a young child, I have been a channel, and a clairaudient empath all my life. And, through my daily meditation and healing practice, this awareness strengthens as time goes by. I have been providing counseling, coaching, readings and imparting wise advice, professionally, for nearly three decades which allows me to provide what you seek.
Approach to Topics
No one is more of an expert about you and your life than you are. With that said, I hesitate to say I’m here to help you because it seems a bit patronizing. I do know that I often feel better when someone listens to me in such a way that they are looking at my life from the same vantage point and can offer a new or different perspective and insight.

Whatever it is that happens between my clients and myself — one thing is universally for sure: A POSITIVE SHIFT OCCURS. Clarity and guidance rolls in and troubles seem to move on or work out quicker; Synergy I suppose, from a collusion of our energies. It’s what life is about - should you decide to call, I will extend into your vantage point with all that I have, (I’ve been told I have a lot) and share the answers I am given for you.

Using my special psychic and empathic gifts of automatic speech (channeling), I can pull information out of the air. I will generally ask you on what area of your life you would like to focus. Given the chance, our conversation will flow and pertinent information will spring forth from there, co-creating a meaningful shift! I hope to connect with you, address your concerns, and leave you with a sense of clarity or peace. My desire is for you to feel more empowered than you were before speaking with me, even if I have to tell you something you wish not to hear.
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