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God gifted insight. Truth, compassion and clarity, emphasizing spiritual understanding. This is my calling. There IS a difference in psychics. Call and YOU WILL SEE!
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I was born with the gift of prophesy. This gift was passed down from many generations of gifted intuatives. Although receiving psychic answers and visions was always easy for me, I felt it was my responsibility to take these gifts to another, much deeper level. In addition to sharing my gifts from a very young age, I studied intensely for over 6 years , challenging every aspect of the intuitive realm. My priority in life was to continue the intensity of my studies, until I was proficient with every challenge presented. It was/is my calling, and I take this gift very seriously. I am here to help relay messages to guide people that can make the difference in their future and existence here on this earth.
I am a certified psychic and life coach. I have been counseling groups and individuals for decades. I give 100% to every single person and every single question, no matter how small or how deep. All questions are important!!! I give thanks to God, for allowing me the opportunity to share my gifts with you, with love and blessings...
Approach to Topics
Using my spiritually guided, intuitive gifts, I am able to give you clear and unbiased answers. In order to be the best at giving the information that your guides want you to know, I believe you must first be a clear channel, so that none of the reader's life experiences gets in the way of "hearing" the true answers and messages that are meant solely for you! I spent many years, honing my skills and natural abilities, so that I can not only hear the answers, but also receive the messages needed to help understand why things are the way they are, what to do about them and how to proceed from this day forward. Our lessons begin the day we are born and continue... We are all searching for answers, so that we may understand our lessons, be happy and move forward in life. Knowledge is power!!!
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