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Many copy me.Time frames and honesty. Angel Card readings by phone only. See my approach to topics before you contact me. Thanks, (C)Alexandria825
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I am an Earth Angel, lightworker and empath...More special than a psychic...I'm here to help heal the planet and guide people. I happen to be a human angel and was born spiritually gifted...I listen to my intuitive feelings during a session and usually ask the angels so I can verify that I am correct in what I sense...I have had prophetic dreams and throughout the years I have actually predicted things that happened among my family and close friends.

Approach to Topics
BEFORE you go any further: If you are miserable in your relationship don't blame us advisors for that. As you exercised your own freewill choice to get involved with your POI. NOBODY twisted your arm to do so. That goes for business deals too. Although the business POI may appear good at the time of info given to you; THAT person can always change their mind afterwards and we have no control over it. ALL Advisors give insight in their own way. WE are not all alike, but individually unique. WE each give our insights in our own way and when needed we may give you an advice that we actually teach to everyone . So if you are used to getting insights a certain way then be prepared to hear the angels info as my Angelic Intuition is great and in the highest good for all at a great price. Please when I am explaining something to you don't interrupt me til I have finished. It's so very RUDE!
~~~LADIES: NEVER TELL THE ONE YOU LOVE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM TIL THEY SAY IT 1ST or you may scare them off as they may not be ready to hear it.~~~
Don't go asking for advice the Advisors are not licensed to give. Click on the User Agreement at the very bottom of your page; then click on the User Services Policy in BLUE. that explains what you may and may not ask us. Thank you for understanding that I follow the rules set forth by Keen.
Specific questions make it your very own. If you have never had a reading before then I suggest you see this video by Keen: Things to Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iDY_LyyS9o (link is copy/paste) I do not sit here with a crystal ball either. And every ADVISOR is unique in conducting their business in their own way. WE are not all alike. Disregard negative feedback as it's a result of people not knowing how to ask questions or they could not handle the truth as I don't sugarcoat to please anyone. Scroll thru the feedbacks.
I talk directly to SOURCE and get my answers that way along with using various decks of angel cards and natural divination; I can give you the advice you need to solve any negative situation that you may be going through. I see direct answers from the angels via my third eye chakra. AND REMEMEBER WE ARE ADVISORS AND ADVISE ALONG WITH GIVING YOU INSIGHTS.
I also will teach you the right way to manifest your desires. I must have silence with no background noise on your end while consulting with you. The angels and I can guide you to a better life in romance, career and finances with the law of attraction.
The cosmic energies are going to continue to be very high for a long time and affecting many people where they are not acting like themselves. Not our fault either. We have no control over the cosmos.. Thank you!
We advisors are not licensed doctors so, no medical advice allowed not even pregnancy. Babies are a gift from God, so that's between you, your partner and God whether you will have kids or not. No stocks or legal advice either.
Please do remember I do not perform spells because they are not of God. They mess with another persons' free will choice. And that's considered harming another. The Universal Karmic Law states that we never harm another as it comes back to us 10 fold; equivalent to 10 times worse.
Remember that everyone has FREEWILL choice too same as you. So they may keep changing their mind a lot thus causing the outcomes to change from time to time. We advisors have no control over them changing their mind. So, if that occurs please don't go blaming us; the messenger. Also besides insight from the angels I will give logical/common sense advice when needed.
~~~~Please note...If I am on arrange a call/chat status please do keep checking my status or arrange a call/chat or set an appointment accordingly to my time zone CST Wisconsin. Especially late night. Make sure you allow the time to go into the next day.
Thank you so much, Alexandria825 xoxo~~~~

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