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Welcome!!! Sale# reg. 7.77 Confused? Not sure where you are in someones heart and mind? I can help! Compassionate, Empathetic & Confidential
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I have been gifted with inner sight since I was born. God has given me a beautiful talent to share and help others. I am grateful to be able to help you. I have read for people my entire life, and, professionally, I have read for people all over the world for the past 30 years. I am a Reiki Master, Healer, etc..... Very Intuitive, empathic, and all the "claire's". My gifts are varied and many. I do not do any spellwork or magic. Please understand I am here to help you and your situation.. I am a truthsayer, so be prepared to hear the truth! I utilize the highest of high to get your answers.
***For those chat clients- Please allow me time to answer your question before you jump to the next. Understand, I respect your time, however I cannot answer a ton of questions at once and as chat moves up i dont want to be scrolling back up to see what you asked. I am in a zone when spirit speaks to me and it is important for me to confirm I am connected to the person in question, and I want to be sure to get the pertinent information to you in the selected time you have given me. At times there is a lot of info coming, and if you stop that process, I may not get it all out to you. Sometimes, you need more than one or two minutes. Take some deep breaths before you call. and open up your heart to receive. Calm and open allows the information to flow. If you are all worked up, we have to calm you first in order to get messages through for you. My delivery comes from different sources. Sometimes, my loving and lovely Angels.... sometimes my guides who have lived on this planet before, so my messages may come off as though i am offering advice, but I am only the messenger. I offer you what they tell me.
I hope this helps you to understand how this works.
** I am a fast typer! If you experience a very "short" pause after a question is asked....... understand it is only because I am tuning in. I do NOT want to waste your money or your time. What is important to you, is important to me. Many blessings to you!
Approach to Topics

My approach is simple. My voice sends healing to you as we speak. God has given me many healing talents. I only ask that you share a bit of what is going on, (images begin coming to me when you begin to speak, and i pick up a lot faster through the vibrations of your voice) Before you call, please take a few deep breaths so your energy is calm, centered, and open to me and then I only need the first name of the person/s in question. AND DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!! I MAY SAY SOMETHING YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR, BUT I ASSURE YOU IT IS THE TRUTH!!!
I look forward to speaking with you. I always do my best to give you FAST information, so please be open to receive. I know sometimes we are pretty upset and need an answer NOW. I truly need you to try and calm yourself before you call, it is easier to see into your heart. If you read with me when I was "Octoberflame", you will know that I make every effort to get to the bottom of things. Let me help you, so you can help you.
Re: schedule. I am on and off throughout the day. Please arrange a call if I am unavailable and i will take your call as soon as I return! Thank you for your patience. It is my honor to help you see the higher good in all that concerns you.
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