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BORN SECOND SIGHTED ..I read the HEARTS Intent...Your Energy and the One in Question......I am an Authenticated PSYCHIC...... REMOTE VIEWER and EARTH MYSTERIES INVESTIGATOR ***Respectful of your time and Questions....
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I was raised within a lineage of Gifted Psychic/Clairvoyants and Dream Interpreters. My natural gifts are Shamanism, Dream Work, Receiving and Sending Energy Information, The Tarot, and a Spiritual Study of Nature. For over two decades I have been guiding people all over the world from all walks of life. Since childhood I have had Dreams that foretell of future events, I receive Dream Messages, Warnings, and Wisdom. I have the ability to Dream Travel. I cleanse excess negative energies which confuse or pollute the soul and can help you to balance your own individual frequency. I have the natural ability to quickly tune in and connect with others and instantly receive an Imprint of your Life.....Past, Present, and Future

I was raised within a lineage of gifted psychics and honed my gifts through the study of shamanism, tarot, dream work, and a spiritual study of nature. Over 25 years guiding people all over the world from all walks of life. There are many names for what I was born with; simply put I feel & I see with my Third Eye. Its as simple as that, I look away from regular site, connect with your Energy & thru you I will find the answers you seek. I pick up fast and I get to the point. Even in a short reading we can answer your question. I speak directly about what I see. As I hear your question,You are my "Top Priority," You are my focus.

Of course, if you come seeking what you wish to hear. I won't and cannot do that. This is my lifes work I take it very serious. I am here to serve you humbly with my natural born gifts and that means telling you truthfully what my visions are for you. Remember its is you who seek the answers, you must listen, open your heart, & intuitive nature to understand the visionary messages that are being revealed to you.

Please prepare yourself, to clear energies by taking deep cleansing breaths and focus on the questions at hand. Allow yourself to be free of preconceived ideas, We are children in this universe. Magical creatures with such power and purpose. Now, If your ready....Lets Begin.

With Peace in Mind,
Helga of Ask Helga

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When all the walls fall down , and the love of your life is gone

When no one can fill that deep cavern of loneliness, and tears just fall like so much rain ......and you think how could I ever have become so broken, when just a short time ago you wondered how could you ever be so very happy.......

Remember one thing you do matter........there is a tiny person inside your skin.......and it is your very best friend.....has always been there with you.

When you fell and cried all the way home as a child that person got you there. When you were embarrassed by the class it was that person who held your head up and maybe even made a joke and made it all okay.

When that first love broke your heart ......it was that person who put on the songs that saved you and held you when you cried......

and now all grown up life sometimes can be more than overwhelming.......but your never alone......You never have been........

Remember the child in you.........sure you have grown and your body is not that small.......but that pure love and innocence is with in you now........

You played and ran thru tall grass, watched the clouds turn into shapes, and discovered many secrets that you still keep with in you today.......Your not alone.......

Love that inner self, and let your outer self be at PEACE .....and CONTINUE on....as we the lovelorn, the ones who have held our hearts in our own hands, have for centuries .....When you give your heart away .....Remember to save a little love for yourself..........
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