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Atlantis Rising Dawn
Atlantis Rising Dawn
Divine Seer Gifted* Psychic~Medium
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27 YEARS experience doing readings & healing! My gifts are God Given and I am Honest and Accurate! I see AURAS and KNOW what PEOPLE are thinking, and PET PSYCHIC. CALL ME @ ext.# DAWNS11 (3296711)
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I am a Christian first & foremost. I am an honest and caring person who chose to help people with my Spiritual gifts. I was born with the gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance and healing. I connect to the Holy Spirit of God and the Christ consciousness. I have been a Psychic Medium and Healer for 27 years now professionally. Being a Psychic Medium, I have connected with many people and pets who have passed over. I am a Pet psychic and have been successful in finding lost objects. I have assisted police detectives with their inquiries about certain cases.
Approach to Topics
I am a Divine Seer, meaning that I tap into the Akashic records as Edgar Cayce did in his readings. I tune into the Divine Intelligence of the Universe. I see future happenings of others when my Spirit Guides and Angels provide messages. I am a strong empath that can feel peoples bodies, feelings, and intentions. I can see Auras of people, which has detected certain ailments physically and emotionally. However, I am not a doctor and don't give medical advice.
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