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Crystal Gaze
Crystal Gaze
Relationship issues? Let the Angels help you
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Kind, clear, truthful answers to all your questions. 40 years experience. Let me give you some amazing clarity NOW
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Using clairaudience and clairsentience I have been working with people for nearly 40 years and I have helped many from all over the world.
Many of you will remember me from 2013 -2015. Since then I have been on a difficult and trying personal journey which has deepened my insight and connection with the Angels and the Universal Light. I know I was sent on this journey to learn more and be able to provide more in the service to others, helping and caring for you as the Angels would have me do.
I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy and a post graduate Diploma in Psychology and Counseling majoring in Relationship Counseling. I am also a credentialed Spiritual Minister and a Reiki Master.
I work with Angels and pure white light always seeking the highest good. My cards speak to me in non traditional ways taught to me by my dearly loved grandmother. My Angel guides are sometimes playful but always truthful.
Approach to Topics
I don't make guesses about your life. I listen, sensing what I hear in your voice as you tell me what is troubling you, listening to the vibrational energy in your voice as you speak, the Angels can help you with the advice and guidance that you need right now.
This is most important as the Angels will only tell you what you need to know right now to guide you down the path of life in the way that is right for you. Please be warned I speak only what the Angels guide me to say and you may not always hear what you think you want to hear. Remember the Angels look over you constantly and care for you and know what is best for you to be happy and contented. I am looking forward to speaking with you about your love, relationship and other issues you have so I can channel to you the clarity and understanding that you need to make the important decisions in your life.
I can see if the person your heart desires will commit or not. My expertise lies in understanding relationships and commitment.
I can help you reunite with your Soul Mate or move on to find your Soul Mate.
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