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Confused? Feeling stuck and unsure what comes next? Dont wait and worry so much call Danita today... DanitaWindsong has 30+ years of experience in Reading specializing in Love Readings.
DanitaWindsong is a VERY honest, and no-nonsense 5 Star Master Reader ~ a bottom-line Reader who has been helping her clients in Love, Family, Medium and Financial matters for 30+ years... DanitaWindsong is fast in her Readings and brings amazing clarity from her 5 Spirit Guides.

Never will your time be wasted in Reading with Danita ~ always an honest, accurate and fast reading awaits you for answers and clarity! Why wait and worry so much... no need Danita will help you today ~ find all the answers you need and want. Danita will ask for your first name and birthdate ~ along with the first name and birthdates of anyone she needs to read for you. Nothing else is needed.

Confused? Frustrated and wondering if you are wasting your time in your relationship? Time for truth and clarity? ...ANY question you have you can bring to DanitaWindsong and get a clear, accurate and concise answer to bring the clarity YOU need... now! Because life can change in a moment ~ Danita's guides do not normally give out time frames. When they do their accuracy is truly amazing.

Have a question or confused and need clarity and guidance?. Please be aware there is NO sugarcoating at all in Danita's Readings ~ and she goes fast and tries to do her best to make sure you feel complete at the end of your Reading.

Danita is a VERY honest NO-NONSENSE -bottom line Reader who is not about ever telling a client what they WANT to hear ~ TRUTH is her integrity, always... if you are looking for fairy tales or soft Readings~ DanitaWindsong is not the Reader for you! Often time frames do not come through in readings as things can change so so fast and so often.
Approach to Topics
Danita Windsong is a top 5 Star Advisor with over 30 years experience. Specializing in twin flame readings and soul mate readings, Danita is able to not only read what is going in in GREAT detail for you ~ my 5 spirit guides and I are also able to read to you what YOU need to do to make this Twin Flame work out in the future!

DanitaWoindsong is always, in all ways- going to stay in her integrity and never sugarcoat... So make sure you are prepared for anything that might come up ~ her Guides are amazingly honest and accurate in all readings!

Danita Windsong's readings are VERY detailed, so be ready with a pen and paper as her Readings go so so FAST... never is your time wasted. Is it time to manifest the love of your life? Are YOU ready to find clarity and answers to a current relationship that is not working? Or is it time for truth??

Danita won't do fairy tales with you, or try to soften a reading to make you feel better... so be prepared for the truth as my 5 guides are amazingly accurate... Danita does not read to make a client feel better, by making up feel-good stories or soft-pedaling... but to be HONEST always -- in all ways...

--f you dont want truth, you'd rather have a Reader soft pedal and fairy tale your reading, I am not the Reader for you, my friend... move on to another Advisor who will tell you what you want to hear if that resonates with you. IF you want unedited truth and are ready for that, I am your Advisor!

My Guides, Spirit and I will give you a bottom line, guide you to create and manifest the love your soul has been calling for... and we will help you in DETAIL work on the partnership your soul longs for..... we will read your Partner's thoughts and feelings and give you details that you have been needing .....

Please call with any questions and let Danita help you find the clarity and the answers YOUR soul is calling for so you can move on and make the BEST decision for the outcome YOU need and want... There is no need to stay confused and frustrated, your reading is waiting for you today!

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