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Emily L West
Emily L West
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Emily Halifax - Master Tarot Reader, Professional Rootworker, 500+ Handwritten Testimonials from clients worldwide
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~~People seek me out time after time because they have consulted many psychics. Mostly, they've been given candy coated stories of what can happen or what the guy or girl may do if they ever get the nerve to do it or ever get their act together, but IS that person really EVER going to get their act together? Are they EVER going to offer you something? Or are you wasting your time and wishing for something that is just never going to happen?? Sound familiar? These people will often look for me to get that one last reading to hopefully find the answer they've been looking for after having got dozens and dozens of readings. I don't consider myself to be some super being. But...I am pretty good at determining the outcome of situations in the romance realm. Please note - my #1 SPECIALTY IS romance. I'm a strong empath. It's not that I can't read on career and finance, but I do not get as much of a burning, strong certainty for it as I do for romance readings and I am totally upfront about that.

I'm an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and I teach Reiki classes at my shop here where I live. I got certified by Jaylene Johnston. This isn't just 'a job' for me - I live my life as an Intuitive. I offer readings of course, teach classes on manifesting what you want and how to get it as well as how to get rid of what you don't want and how to banish that nasty stuff out once and for all! I teach the secrets to the mysterious, ancient cards and how to master them and gain confidence into working with them. I teach how to do your own rootwork by utilizing the magic of herbs, oils, sachet powders and candles. I am the only shop in my state that sells the brands of products from my trusted distributors and my handmade products that I make in my very own kitchen. I sell my handmade items at two of the Farmer's Markets here where I live. I live my life as an intuitive being and this is not just a job for me sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I am a multidimensional soul with various gifts in this realm and I am happy to share them with you.

Approach to Topics

Please take a moment to read the following prior to a reading with me. I lay out everything for you to know what kind of reader I am and how to have a successful reading with me:

If you'd like a reading from me, please understand that at this time I am ONLY offering chat readings.

I will not sugarcoat your reading. There is a moral code for me which goes along with being psychic and being non transparent goes against everything I believe in as a reader both morally and ethically. I promise to tell you exactly what comes up whether it is positive or negative. I promise to deliver insights with compassion and empathy. My sole reason for giving readings is to provide you with clarity and give you the tools you need to make the best decisions for you in your life. I promise to provide you with details and information to assist you. Having said that, make sure you invest enough time in your reading with me so that I have the ability to do all of that. Do not expect for me to provide infinite answers in a 3 minute reading. Please be realistic.

I am highly reviewed online and many people seek me out after reading my reviews. I specialize in tuning into a person's feelings, intentions, motives, and determining FINAL OUTCOMES. Why did the relationship REALLY end? Did they cheat? Can I trust them? Let's find out! I can also differentiate between what a person 'feels like doing' versus what they are actually going to do. Action versus no action. You will find me to be a straight forward reader. I will not read a script to you. If you want for me to read for you, please allow me to do so. That means letting the reading sink in before you challenge what I have to tell you. Let the insights sink in and be open to them.

I know my strengths and I'm not a general reader. I do not answer "general questions". General questions are open ended questions with no specific focus. For the BEST possible reading with me you need to ask SPECIFIC questions with a focus. These are questions that I can pin point and tune into very specifically and give you a more specific, detailed answer. I try to be as specific as possible in my readings - nothing generic. I can only answer 1 question at a time so please, be patient.

When is it going to happen?? Ahhh, yes, one of the laws of physics. TIME. Timing is liquid, thus it is bound to change given all the components involved in every day life, but the outcome of a situation is what will most likely stay the same. For that reason, I do NOT answer questions involve timing. "When will they call?", "When will I meet the One?", "When will I see him again?" Please do not ask me these questions in a reading.

I have been reading Tarot since my teens and I incorporate the cards into each reading I conduct. If you are against using cards I am not the right reader for you. Most people find my readings extremely detailed. I definitely don't consider myself a 'tarot reader', however. I have a very unique style of reading. The cards tells me a story as I read their sequencing and nomenclature along with your question. I look at the imagery, the colors and the positioning to decipher the insights. I have developed my own style and it has served me very well over the years.

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