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Insights with Adam
Insights with Adam
Are you dating a Pickup Artist?
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Do you have questions about your significant other? Do they seem noncommittal? Worried you might just be another number in his little black book? He may be a pickup artist. Share your worries with me and let me help you.
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Having lived the pickup artist life and successfully seduced 100s of women I have since given that up after finding my True Love and settling down. Pickup artists do some very objectifying and horrifying things to the women they seduce. I want to help you avoid being just another sexcapade or notch on the belt. Pickup artists actually advocate out-and-out manipulation. Getting women into bed is reduced to a game with rules to follow, a code to crack. Methods vary, but all pickup artists socially and emotionally manipulate a woman. Men are taught to engage in certain behaviors to make you feel “safe” in his presence and even to intentionally insult you to put you off guard.

Don't fall for these traps. If you think you are dating a pickup artist contact me and let me help you read the signs. It take a pickup artist to know a pickup artist. Let me help you.
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Let me examine your current or past relationships and help guide you to a successful future. I am a former pickup artist and can open up the secret world that is the Pickup Artist. If you are in a situation where you think you are dating a pickup artist I can help you to identify them and such or to help avoid them in the future. There are some tell-tale signs to avoiding them.
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