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Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald
" wow, just wow, everything she said was true ! "
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I am an experienced, accurate, and very powerful psychic. I will give you the truth, and detailed answers right now, that will enable you, to not only, know the outcome of your situation, but empower you, in your life.
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From as long as I can remember I have been aware of spirit, and have always had an inner knowledge of life after this lifetime. As soon as I could talk this would be around the age of two, I would speak of life past this existence and how I can to be here with my mother and father, guided by my great grandparents on the way down. Talking with my grandmother about relatives had never met whom had passed before my birth, describing them accurately to what they looked like to their nicknames. This of course shocked my mother and made my grandmother smile. By the age of three I had my first real encounter with spirit seeing clearly a male in my bedroom at night. I described him to my mother who ensured me no man was there. Until one day when looking through family photo’s there he was my great aunts passed husband. Someone else I had never met or seen.

My awareness of spirit has always been strong and I pick up on spirit energies quickly making my mediumship my strongest gift and one that will often come to my aid in my mediumship/psychic sittings. Empathy has always been a strong point for me also, being able to pick up on auras and energies of others and feeling the emotions around them often helping them to understand how and why they are feeling the way they are. I love to provide proof of survival after this lifetime and bringing comfort to others who wish to know that there is no death and their loved ones are still around them.

Later going on to learn tarot and reiki healing which also helps me within my readings. Love and relationships are one of my special fields as I have studied in psychology and have a diploma in relationship psychology which I can often use to help you through things if you having a hard time within your love life and friendships, this can also be used to help guide you with work relationships as it pretty much covers everything and how we interact with those in our lives. I am very open minded and not at all judgmental my main goal is to help guide you to the best of my ability into the future you deserve.
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I am an experienced, accurate, and very powerful psychic medium.
I will give you the truth, and detailed answers right now.
I will enable you, to know the exact outcome of your situation.
I will empower you, in your own personal circumstances, to turn your life around.
I will give you, names, dates, accurate timelines, and information, that proves itself, time and time again.

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